Haemostasis management

Treatment of haemophilia patients (both A and B) and patients with other coagulation factor deficiencies is normally based on replacement therapy (substitution of the missing clotting factor).

The replacement clotting factors are typically obtained from human plasma or, more recently, from recombinant (produced with special laboratory techniques) preparations. Although products derived from human plasma have been screened for viruses that can be found in blood and are filtered and treated with a heat process to help eliminate viruses, recombinant products are considered safer: special laboratory techniques ensure that they do not contain any human blood components so that the risk of transmission of human viruses is eliminated. However, antibodies or inhibitors can develop after treatment with either human plasma factor concentrates or recombinant clotting factor preparations. The development of antibodies or inhibitors is very problematic as any injected replacement therapy will be made ineffective by the inhibitor.

Novo Nordisk's commitment to the worldwide haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders community has made available innovative and effective treatments for patients with congenial factor deficiencies, in particular for haemophilia patients with inhibitors.

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