How sure am I to get a proper injection when I use a NovoFine® 6mm x 31G needle?

Growth hormone injection should be targeted at the subcutaneous skin layer to get a predictable and reproducible growth hormone absorption. Since the thickness of the skin varies between 1-4 mm around the body, a 6 mm needle with 90 degree injection angle (recommended without skin fold if injecting into abdomen, with lifted skin fold for all other injection sites) is ideal for proper growth hormone injection.

Can obese people use the shorter NovoFine® needles?

Obese people have the same skin thickness as everybody else, so the shorter needles are just as suitable for obese people (recommended with lifted skin fold at thigh, without skin fold at abdomen).

Why does Novo Nordisk recommend against re-using the NovoFine® needles?

Re-using needles could increase the risk of injection pain, tissue damage, infection, increased growth hormone flow resistance, growth hormone leaks and lipohypertrophy.

What is the correct injection method for each of the NovoFine® needles for different types of patients?

Answer 1: NovoFine® 6mm x 31G needle: Perpendicular insertion, skin fold for slim and normal weight children, slim and normal adults, and higher weight adolescents. Perpendicular insertion without skin fold for obese persons and persons unable or unwilling to use a skin fold.

Answer 2: NovoFine® 8mm x 30G needle: 45 degree angle of insertion, skin fold for slim and normal weight children and slim adults. Perpendicular insertion with skin fold for normal and higher weight adolescents and obese persons.

Answer 3: NovoFine® 12mm x 28G needle: 45 degree angle of insertion, skin fold for persons presently using 12 mm needles without clinical indication that they would benefit from a shorter needle length.

APROM ID# 1503. December 2009.