Choosing the right device

Improvements in device design have made a big difference for children who need daily growth hormone injections – by making the injections simpler, more comfortable, and less painful.

To help you and your doctor choose the device that best suits child’s individual needs, it’s worth considering the sort of features you would look for in an injection device. For example:

  • How easy will the device be to inject, and how easy will it be to learn?
  • Would you prefer a device that can hide the needle, so that it’s less worrisome for your child?
  • Will you have to keep the device in a fridge all the time, or can you store it at room temperature instead?
  • How easy is the device to hold, and is it lightweight enough for a child to use easily?

To learn more, you should ask your doctor about these issues and discuss which device will best suit your needs and those of your child.

APROM ID# 1503. December 2009.