How to say “Triple Bottom Line” in Chinese

In 2011, Novo Nordisk China seized an opportunity that led to a 17% reduction in electricity and a 40% reduction in paper. After moving headquarters to Beijing’s World Financial Center building, employees at Novo Nordisk China created and implemented a strategy to improve the environmental performance of their new 10,000 square metre office.

“When we designed our new head office, energy saving and environmental protection were our key concern,” says Daisy You, senior administration manager at Novo Nordisk China. “One year after the move, we could see that our efforts have paid off.”

As part of its strategy, Novo Nordisk China has integrated environmental protection into all its day-to-day operations by making use of new technology. ID-Card readers have been installed on all printers to show the amount and cost of paper before printing. Electricity consumption has been reduced through the installation of light sensors and the use of an automatic on/off system for telephones.

Communications have played a key role in maintaining awareness through the use of newsletters, posters and Open Day activities organized by the administrative teams where best practices were shared.

“In Chinese we call it ‘San Chong Di Xian’ – the Triple Bottom Line,” says You. “For everyone in our Chinese offices, this has proved that small efforts contribute to big changes.”

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About Sustainability at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk strives to conduct its activities in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way. The strategic commitment to corporate sustainability has brought the company onto centre stage as a leading player in today’s business environment, recognised for its integrated reporting, stakeholder engagement and consistently high sustainability performance. In 2012, Novo Nordisk received the top ranking on Corporate Knight’s list of Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations. Novo Nordisk is listed in the 2010/2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices with a gold class rating. For more information, visit 

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