Novo Nordisk discusses integrated reporting

In April 2011, Novo Nordisk took part in Global Reporting Initiative's Reporting Practice series on sustainability reporting. In the series, Novo Nordisk's Director for Corporate Accountability, Susan Blesener, provided answers to questions on the company's integrated reporting. Questions included:

  • Many in the integrated reporting field point out that an integrated report is not just the stapling together of a financial and sustainability report. Can you explain the difference?
  • In your view, why and how is the investment community influencing integrated reporting? 
  • Confidence in traditional financial data is high; confidence in the newer field of nonfinancial disclosure is much lower. How can this be addressed?

Since publishing its first environmental report in 1994, Novo Nordisk has championed non-financial reporting as a vital component of the way it conducts business. For the past seven years, Novo Nordisk has been reporting on its business performance in a single integrated Annual Report aimed at reflecting its objective to conduct activities in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way.

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