Novo Nordisk China wins CSR award

On 15 June 2011 at the Sixth Golden Bee International CSR Forum in Beijing, Novo Nordisk received the Harmonious Contributors Award for its sustainability commitment and achievements. The Award was announced as part of the 2010 Golden Bee CSR Honor Roll, recognising companies in areas of customer focus, employee care and responsible purchasing.

Jack Chen, Vice President of Marketing for Novo Nordisk China, received the award on behalf of Novo Nordisk. "We were one of the first companies to embrace the concept of strategic sustainability management and stakeholder engagement," he said. "The Triple Bottom Line approach to business is deeply integrated in the Novo Nordisk way of operations."

Novo Nordisk's Changing Diabetes® World Tour was also selected as one of the best 2010 Golden Bee CSR cases (see details below). Additionally, Novo Nordisk China's NovoHealth initiative was highlighted for its Quit Smoking programme.

Novo Nordisk changing diabetes in China

Novo Nordisk has been operating in China for nearly 50 years and today China is Novo Nordisk's third largest market. The company's corporate social responsible activities in China include numerous education projects for doctors, nurses and patients. Since 2008, Novo Nordisk's Changing Diabetes® World Tour has visited more than 100 cities in China, travelled over 70,000 kilometres, and attracted over 60,000 patients for diabetes screening and free education sessions.

The company's affiliate office, production site and research and development centre contribute to 14,600 direct and indirect jobs. In 2011, China became a separate region in the organisation of Novo Nordisk's business markets.

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About the Golden Bee International CSR Forum

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