Changing diabetes with a local touch

In 2010, Novo Nordisk continued to develop and provide treatments that improve the lives of people affected by diabetes. As the global diabetes pandemic worsens, with current estimates predicting that 438 million people will be living with diabetes by 2030, Novo Nordisk realises that reversing this trend takes more than just a global approach. Changing diabetes requires local initiatives and actions that take into consideration local needs, societies and cultures.

To act locally, Novo Nordisk's Changing Diabetes® initiatives bring together innovators in diabetes education, treatment, and policy to shift attitudes and change the way patients and healthcare professionals think about diabetes. The programme supports Novo Nordisk affiliates around the world in engaging with the key diabetes stakeholders to address prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in their respective country.

In 2010, Novo Nordisk carried out Changing Diabetes® initiatives throughout the globe, many of them focused on addressing the needs of children affected by diabetes and their families. Key activities in 2010 included:

CANADA: Everyone Jump… Kids Changing Diabetes®

The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) reports that a child born in the year 2000 has a 1 in 3 chance of developing diabetes. Since 2005, Novo Nordisk Canada has been helping students across Canada to avoid becoming part of the statistic with the Everyone Jump… Kids Changing Diabetes® programme.

The Everyone Jump… Kids Changing Diabetes® programme is a school-based diabetes prevention programme that teaches students how to prevent type 2 diabetes through the adoption of healthy behaviours. The programme consists of cross-curricular resources designed by teachers. To date, more than 100,000 students in six provinces have participated in the programme.

CHINA: Children Camps

Novo Nordisk China organised and supported four Children Camps to help children affected by diabetes to achieve treatment targets and overcome barriers in their life. More than 200 children participated in the camps held in Beijing, Jilin, Changsha and Shanghai. Activities included a training workshop on diabetes self-management, children sharing their experiences living with diabetes, sporting activities and parent workshops to provide critical knowledge and skills to take care of children with type 1 diabetes both physically and emotionally.

The Children Camps were first introduced at Beijing Children Hospital in 2001. In 2011, the Children Camps are planned to take place in 5 Chinese cities.

SPAIN: Diabetes Awareness Campaign

In 2010, Novo Nordisk Spain, in coordination with local authorities, launched an awareness campaign aimed at improving life at school for children affected by diabetes. The campaign consisted of an educational programme that provided teachers with tools and knowledge to help them support children affected by diabetes.

Through the programme, more than 300 nurses trained teachers from 750 schools. In 2011, the educational programme will expand to provide training in the Canary Islands.

TURKEY: Diabetes Children Camps

In Turkey, the local Novo Nordisk affiliate supports Diabetes Children Camps aimed at children and adolescents affected by diabetes. The camps create an environment where children and adolescents can socialise and learn more about how to manage their diabetes.

Each year, Novo Nordisk Turkey sponsors children to participate in the camps as well as providing insulin delivery devices, needle samples and patient booklets for the children in order to help them to manage their diabetes. In 2010, 70 children were able to attend the camps with Novo Nordisk Turkey's support.

About Changing Diabetes®

Changing Diabetes® is a commitment to answer the needs of people with diabetes in every business decision and action. This means delivering targeted treatments based on a deep understanding of individual needs, and doing so with financial, social and environmental responsibility. Through collaboration with individuals, organisations and governments Novo Nordisk works to help prevent, treat and provide individualised care for people with diabetes. Novo Nordisk's aim is to break the curve of the diabetes pandemic and empower people to live fuller, healthier lives until a cure is found.

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