Novo Nordisk climbs global list of 100 most sustainable companies

Novo Nordisk moved up 33 positions to rank 16th in the 2011 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations. Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism, announced the results from its seventh annual Global 100 list on January 29 at the Davos World Economic Forum.

From its inception on February 1 2005, the Global 100 Most Sustainable
Corporations has achieved a total return of 54.95%, outperforming its benchmark (the MSCI All Country World Index) by more than 16% to December 31st, 2010.

"The Global 100 are charting out a new prosperity agenda reconciling the
megatrend of sustainability with the mega-institution of the corporation," said Toby Heaps, Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Knights Magazine. "The kicker: sustainability can be a market-beating strategy, as the Global 100's substantial outperformance demonstrates."

The 2011 Global 100 relied on intelligence from the world's largest sustainability research alliance put together by Legg Mason's Global Currents Investment Management and Phoenix Global Advisors LLC. The research isolated the top ten per cent of companies from 3000 global stocks, which were then transparently ranked based on 10 indicators. All data was collected by Corporate Knights Research Group and verified with The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

The Global 100 includes companies from 22 countries encompassing all sectors of the economy, with collective annual sales in excess of US 3 trillion, and five million employees.

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