Novo Nordisk hands out award for innovation in paediatric diabetes care

Dr Manuel Vera González is the 2010 winner of the International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) Award for Innovation in Paediatric Diabetes Care. The prize, supported by Novo Nordisk within its DAWN™ Youth Initiative, was given to the professional, group or individual who has made a significant innovation in paediatric diabetes care.

'Novo Nordisk believes in the importance of encouraging and nurturing innovation for the benefit of children with diabetes. We are committed to making this happen,' said Dorte Eisner, international project manager, Patient Advocacy & Support. 'This new ISPAD Award is a unique platform for exploring new opportunities and this first year's winning project has proven to be a wonderful example of innovation.'

As a professional paediatric endocrinologist, Dr González is head of the Diabetic Care Centre at the Havana National Institute of Endocrinology. Since 1993, the Institute has been supporting non-residential education clinics for young people. The clinics have been vital to successfully engaging young people and their families in a holistic and practical approach to diabetes education.

The award was presented to Dr Gonzálaz at the 36th ISPAD Annual Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 27 to 30 October.

What nations can learn from Cuba

Cuba's history of diabetes camps for young people dates back to the 1960s. But by 1990, the majority of camp programmes were suspended due to a lack of funds. To ensure young people with diabetes continued to receive holistic care, Dr Gonzálaz and the National Institute of Endocrinology proposed the convivencias programme, a low-cost alternative model to replace the camps.

The convivencias programme creates an environment in which young people with diabetes can learn to embrace their condition and its treatment, achieve and maintain good blood glucose control, and provide excellent opportunities to learn and practise diabetes skills and become familiar with the latest techniques.

Dr Gonzálaz hopes that the convivencias programme provides a model for organizations wishing to establish similar programmes in developing countries.

New training manual to help children with type 1 diabetes

The 36th ISPAD Annual Meeting also saw the launching of a Novo Nordisk developed training manual specific to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes care for children in developing countries. The new training manual is a significant part of the holistic Novo Nordisk-initiated Changing Diabetes® in Children (CDiC) programme, which aims to meet the urgent need to improve the conditions for children with diabetes in the world's poorest countries.

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Novo Nordisk’s DAWN™ Youth

Novo Nordisk's DAWN™ Youth is a global program to guide the wider diabetes community to address the unmet needs of young people with diabetes, their families, peers and healthcare professionals. This prize puts the focus on diabetes in childhood by recognizing innovations to improve health and quality of care for children and young people.

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