30% cut in CO2 emissions

During a period of double-digit growth rates Novo Nordisk has decoupled its business growth from its CO2 emissions and now we are busy setting new goals.

In 2006, we joined the WWF Climate Savers Programme and committed to cut CO2 emissions from global production sites by an absolute 10% from 2004 to 2014. In 2008 we broke the emissions curve, and we expect to achieve our 10% reduction target this year - five years ahead of schedule.

Susanne Stormer, who heads Novo Nordisk's Global Triple Bottom Line Management says: "We have captured the value generated so far for business and for society and now focus on the second generation of the climate strategy." She continues: "Our factories were the obvious place to start to cut back on CO2 emissions. Now we want to include new areas. Overall, we are looking at where our emissions are biggest, and where we can really make a difference."

Transportation is next

One important decision has already been taken: to look at transportation; car fleet, business travel and product distribution.

"The estimate is that the carbon footprint from our transportation is at least half of emissions from production, probably more. And now that we will have green electricity in Denmark, it will be an even bigger share of our total emissions. That is why we will now take steps to reduce this," says Susanne.

Inspirational partnership

Since May 2007, the money we have saved on energy in Denmark has been earmarked to buy electricity from DONG Energy's wind farm at Horns Rev, off the coast of Jutland in the North Sea.

By 2009, a total saving of more than 45 million kWh was achieved under this partnership. The savings will result in our Danish operations being 100% powered by wind energy and an annual CO2 reduction of 100,000 tons once the new wind farm is in full operation this year.

This partnership model has inspired around 30 new partnerships and DONG Energy expects up to 100 partnerships in Northern Europe within the next five years.

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