Our approach to sustainability

We believe that a healthy economy, environment and society is fundamental to long-term business success. This is why we manage our business in accordance with the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business principle and pursue business solutions that maximise value to our stakeholders as well as our shareholders.

The Triple Bottom Line
The Triple Bottom Line business principle is anchored in the Novo Nordisk Way and in our Articles of Association (bylaws)...READ MORE

Accountability and assurance
Novo Nordisk strongly believes that external assurance is an important element of being accountable and transparent...See the annual report


Stakeholder engagement
For decades Novo Nordisk has systematically been engaging with multiple stakeholders to address key areas of our business...READ MORE

We have formulated positions on issues of relevance to our business and our role as a global corporate citizen...READ MORE 

UN Global Compact 
Novo Nordisk is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2001...See latest Communication on Progress

ISO 26000 guidance standard
Novo Nordisk is part of the ISO 26000 process on developing an international guidance standard on social responsibility. READ MORE  

Value creation
The Blueprint for Change Programme assesses and articulates the value created through the Triple Bottom Line approach. READ MORE

Awards and recognition
Awards and recognitions can be seen as an indicator of stakeholders’ perception of Novo Nordisk. See a list of the awards we have received.