Novo Nordisk and ISO 26000

Novo Nordisk has been and continues to be an active member of the ISO 26000 process on developing an international guidance standard on social responsibility.

The ISO 26000 guidance standard provides guidance on how businesses and organisations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society. Visit the official ISO 26000 website.

The ISO 26000 guidance standard is intended to guide all types of organisations in answering the question “what does social responsibility mean to our organisation?” To answer this question Novo Nordisk engaged Danish Standards (DS) in 2011 to look at Novo Nordisk’s Triple Bottom Line business principle through the lens of ISO 26000. Based on the ISO 26000 gap analysis, DS has made an opinion on Novo Nordisk’s performance.

Novo Nordisk has taken the observations and recommendations and included them in the annual cycle for discussing and prioritising actions.

Novo Nordisk’s involvement in the ISO 26000 process

Novo Nordisk has participated in the process since the initial conference in Stockholm in 2002, where it was discussed whether ISO should initiate the work on a standard for social responsibility.

Following ISO’s decision on embarking on the journey, Novo Nordisk saw a golden opportunity for creating a common platform on social responsibility in a true stakeholder engagement process. 

With many years of hands-on experience with social responsibility, Novo Nordisk took responsibility by leading the Danish delegation (Mirror Committee) in the international ISO negotiations from the first meeting in 2004. Following the final endorsement on the guidance standard in 2010, Novo Nordisk became an industry representative in the Post Publication Organisation that provides support and expertise for users of the ISO 26000 standard.