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Self-organization and missing values in SOM and GTM

Vatanen T ; Osmala M ; Raiko T ; Lagus K ; Sysi-Aho M ; Oresic M ; Honkela T ; Landesmaki H 2015
Journal of Human Hypertension

Low-dose spironolactone reduces plasma fibulin-1 levels in patients with type 2 diabetes and resistant hypertension

Oxlund CS ; Cangemi C ; Henriksen JE ; Jacobsen IA ; Gram J ; Schousboe K ; Tarnow L ; Argraves WS ; Rasmussen LM 2015

Metabolic response to 36 hours of fasting in young men born small vs appropriate for gestational age

Jorgensen SW ; Brons C ; Bluck L ; Hjort L ; Faerch K ; Thankamony A ; Gillberg L ; Friedrichsen M ; Dunger DB ; Vaag AA 2015

Metabolic response to 36 hours of fasting in young men born small vs appropriate for gestational age (vol 58, pg 178, 2015)

Jorgensen S ; Brons C ; Bluck L ; Hjort L ; Faerch K ; Thankamony A ; Gillberg L ; Friedrichsen M ; Dunger D ; Vaag A 2015
Annals of Epidemiology

Trends in the skewness of the body mass index distribution among urban Australian adults, 1980 to 2007

Peeters A ; Gearon E ; Backholer K ; Carstensen B 2015
Current Medical Research and Opinion

Variation in the risk of progression between glycemic stages across different levels of body mass index: evidence from a United States electronic health records system

Blume SW ; Li Q ; Huang JC ; Hammer M ; Graf TR 2015
Chemical Geology

Solute sources and water mixing in a flashy mountainous stream (Pahsimeroi River, US Rocky Mountains): Implications on chemical weathering rate and groundwater-surface water interaction

Hagedorn B ; Whittier RB 2015

Identification and Characterization of a Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1

Wilbek TS ; Skovgaard T ; Sorrell FJ ; Knapp S ; Berthelsen J ; Stromgaard K 2015
Clinical Endocrinology

ACTH stimulation test in patients with type 1 diabetes and recurrent severe hypoglycaemia

Kristensen PL ; Diemar SS ; Bay C ; Pedersen-Bjergaard U ; Beck-Nielsen H ; Christiansen JS ; Norgaard K ; Perrild H ; Tonny J ; Parving HH ; Thorsteinsson B ; Tarnow L 2015
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Safety of the Cell-Penetrating Peptide Penetratin as an Oral Absorption Enhancer

Nielsen EJB ; Kamei N ; Takeda-Morishita M 2015

Haemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities (HERO) study: treatment-related characteristics of the population

Nugent D ; Kalnins W ; Querol F ; Gregory M ; Pilgaard T ; Cooper DL ; Iorio A 2015

Safety and efficacy of turoctocog alfa (NovoEight (R)) during surgery in patients with haemophilia A: results from the multinational guardian (TM) clinical trials

Santagostino E ; Lentz SR ; Misgav M ; Brand B ; Chowdary P ; Savic A ; Kilinc Y ; Amit Y ; Amendola A ; Solimeno LP ; Saugstrup T ; Matytsina I 2015
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism

p38 MAPK activation upregulates proinflammatory pathways in skeletal muscle cells from insulin-resistant type 2 diabetic patients

Brown AE ; Palsgaard J ; Borup R ; Avery P ; Gunn DA ; De Meyts P ; Yeaman SJ ; Walker M 2015
American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

Animal models of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. Animal models of infant short bowel syndrome: translational relevance and challenges

Sangild PT ; Ney DM ; Sigalet DL ; Vegge A ; Burrin D 2014
Arthritis Research and Therapy

Synovial explant inflammatory mediator production corresponds to rheumatoid arthritis imaging hallmarks: a cross-sectional study - art. no. R107

Andersen M ; Boesen M ; Ellegaard K ; Christensen R ; Soderstrom K ; Soe N ; Spee P ; Morch UGW ; Torp-Pedersen S ; Bartels EM ; Danneskiold-Samsoe B ; Vendel N ; Karlsson L ; Bliddal H 2014
Central European Journal of Public Health


Jaruseviciene L ; Valius L ; Jarasunas A ; Jarusevicius G 2014
Journal of Chromatography A

Separation of nucleobases, nucleosides, and nucleotides using two zwitterionic silica-based monolithic capillary columns coupled with tandem mass spectrometry

Moravcova D ; Haapala M ; Planeta J ; Hyotylainen T ; Kostiainen R ; Wiedmer SK 2014
Journal of Theoretical Biology

Network analysis reveals roles of inflammatory factors in different phenotypes of kidney transplant patients

Wu DJ ; Liu XP ; Liu C ; Liu ZP ; Xu M ; Rong RM ; Qian MJ ; Chen LN ; Zhu TY 2014
Journal of Biological Chemistry

Sites Involved in Intra- and Interdomain Allostery Associated with the Activation of Factor VIIa Pinpointed by Hydrogen- Deuterium Exchange and Electron Transfer Dissociation Mass Spectrometry

Song HJ ; Olsen OH ; Persson E ; Rand KD 2014
Journal of the American Society of Hypertension

Amiloride lowers blood pressure and attenuates urine plasminogen activation in patients with treatment-resistant hypertension

Oxlund CS ; Buhl KB ; Jacobsen LA ; Hansen MR ; Gram J ; Henriksen JE ; Schousboe K ; Tarnow L ; Jensen BL 2014