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Quantification of beta-cell function during IVGTT in Type II and non-diabetic subjects: assessment of insulin secretion by mathematical methods

Kjems LL ; Volund A ; Madsbad S 2001

Studies of the Pro12Ala polymorphism of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma 2 (PPAR-gamma 2) gene in relation to insulin sensitivity among glucose tolerant Caucasians

Ek J ; Andersen G ; Urhammer SA ; Hansen L ; Carstensen B ; Borch-Johnsen K ; Drivsholm T ; Berglund L ; Hansen T ; Lithell H ; Pedersen O 2001

Uncoupling proteins: functional characteristics and role in the pathogenesis of obesity and Type II diabetes

Dalgaard LT ; Pedersen O 2001

The uncoupling protein 3-55 C -> T variant is not associated with Type II diabetes mellitus in Danish subjects

Dalgaard LT ; Hansen T ; Urhammer SA ; Drivsholm T ; Borch-Johnsen K ; Pedersen O 2001

Effect of repaglinide on cloned beta cell, cardiac and smooth muscle types of ATP-sensitive potassium channels

Dabrowski M ; Wahl P ; Holmes WE ; Ashcroft FM 2001

Dose-response relation of liquid aerosol inhaled insulin in Type I diabetic patients

Brunner GA ; Balent B ; Ellmerer M ; Schaupp L ; Siebenhofer A ; Jendle JH ; Okikawa J ; Pieber TR 2001

Studies of variability in the PTEN gene among Danish caucasian patients with Type II diabetes mellitus

Hansen L ; Jensen JN ; Ekstrom CT ; Vestergaard H ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 2001

Polymorphisms in the neurogenin 3 gene (NEUROG) and their relation to altered insulin secretion and diabetes in the Danish Caucasian population

Jensen JN ; Hansen L ; Ekstrom CT ; Pociot F ; Nerup J ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 2001

TNF alpha and IFN gamma potentiate IL-1 beta induced mitogen activated protein kinase activity in rat pancreatic islets of Langerhans

Andersen NA ; Larsen CM ; Mandrup-Poulsen T 2000

Comparison of the fasting and the 2-h glucose criteria for diabetes in different Asian cohorts

Qiao Q ; Nakagami T ; Tuomilehto J ; Borch-Johnsen K ; Balkau B ; Iwamoto Y ; Tajima N 2000

Adenovirus-mediated expression of a naturally occurring Asp905Tyr variant of the glycogen-associated regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase-1 in L6 myotubes

Rasmussen SK ; Hansen L ; Frevert EU ; Cohen PTW ; Kahn BB ; Pedersen O 2000

Lack of synergism between long-term poor glycaemic control and three gene polymorphisms of the renin angiotensin system on risk of developing diabetic nephropathy in Type I diabetic patients

Tarnow L ; Kjeld T ; Knudsen E ; Major-Pedersen A ; Parving HH 2000

Complete molecular scanning of the human Fas gene: mutational analysis and linkage studies in families with Type I diabetes mellitus

Nolsoe RL ; Kristiansen OP ; Sangthongpitag K ; Larsen ZM ; Johannesen J ; Karlsen AE ; Pociot F ; Nerup J ; Verge CF ; Mandrup-Poulsen T 2000

Prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy in Type I diabetic patients with diabetic nephropathy

Sato A ; Tarnow L ; Parving HH 1999

Homozygosity of the Pro12Ala variant of the peroxisome proliferation-activated receptor-gamma 2 (PPAR-gamma 2): divergent modulating effects on body mass index in obese and lean Caucasian men

Ek J ; Urhammer SA ; Sorensen TIA ; Andersen T ; Auwerx J ; Pedersen O 1999

An untranslated insertion variant in the uncoupling protein 2 gene is not related to body mass index and changes in body weight during a 26-year follow-wp in Danish Caucasian men

Dalgaard LT ; Sorensen TIA ; Andersen T ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 1999

Search for variants of the gene-promoter and the potential phosphotyrosine encoding sequence of the insulin receptor substrate-2 gene: evaluation of their relation with alterations in insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity

Almind K ; Frederiksen SK ; Bernal D ; Hansen T ; Ambye L ; Urhammer S ; Ekstrom CT ; Berglund L ; Reneland R ; Lithell H ; White MF ; Van Obberghen E ; Pedersen O 1999

Hepatocyte nuclear factor-6: associations between genetic variability and Type II diabetes and between genetic variability and estimates of insulin secretion

Moller AM ; Ek J ; Durviaux SM ; Urhammer SA ; Clausen JO ; Eiberg H ; Hansen T ; Rousseau GG ; Lemaigre FP ; Pedersen O 1999

Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 alpha gene in Caucasian families originally classified as having Type I diabetes

Moller AM ; Dalgaard LT ; Pociot F ; Nerup J ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 1998
Diabetic Medicine

Improving quality of care in people with Type 2 diabetes through the Associazione Medici Diabetologi-annals initiative: a long-term cost-effectiveness analysis

Giorda CB ; Nicolucci A ; Pellegrini F ; Kristiansen CK ; Hunt B ; Valentine WJ ; Vespasiani G 2014