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The effect of FF-MAS on porcine cumulus-oocyte complex maturation, fertilization and pronucleus formation in vitro

Faerge I ; Strejcek F ; Laurincik J ; Rath D ; Niemann H ; Schellander K ; Rosenkranz C ; Hyttel PM ; Grondahl C 2006
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society

Resolution of the type material of the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758 (Proboscidea, Elephantidae)

Cappellini E ; Gentry A ; Palkopoulou E ; Ishida Y ; Cram D ; Roos AM ; Watson M ; Johansson US ; Fernholm B ; Agnelli P ; Barbagli F ; Littlewood DTJ ; Kelstrup CD ; Olsen JV ; Lister AM 2014

Optimization of ordered plasmid assembly by gap repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Eckert-Boulet N ; Pedersen ML ; Krogh BO ; Lisby M 2012

Identification of coenzyme A-related tolmetin metabolites in rats: relationship with reactive drug metabolites

Olsen J ; Bjornsdottir I ; Hansen SH 2003

Characterization of mixtures of recombinant human cytochrome P450s as a screening model for metabolic stability in drug discovery

Hagen N ; Olsen AK ; Andersen JV ; Tjorne-Lund J ; Hansen SH 2002

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of ipamorelin and other peptidyl growth hormone secretagogues with emphasis on nasal absorption

Johansen PB ; Hansen KT ; Andersen JV ; Johansen NL 1998

Influence of tribological additives on friction and impact performance of injection moulded polyacetal

Laursen JL ; Sivebaek IM ; Christoffersen LW ; Papsoee M ; Vigild ME ; Brondsted P ; Horsewell A 2009
Water Research

A conceptual model linking functional gene expression and reductive dechlorination rates of chlorinated ethenes in clay rich groundwater sediment

Baelum J ; Chambon JC ; Scheutz C ; Binning PJ ; Laier T ; Bjerg PL ; Jacobsen CS 2013
Vox Sanguinis

Investigation of the thrombin-generating capacity, evaluated by thrombogram, and clot formation evaluated by thrombelastography of platelets stored in the blood bank for up to 7 days

Johansson PI ; Svendsen MS ; Salado J ; Bochsen L ; Kristensen AT 2008
Vox Sanguinis

Recombinant-activated coagulation factor VIIa (NovoSeven (R)): current development

Weiskopf RB 2007
Vox Sanguinis

The ethics of blood management

Weiskopf RB 2007
Vox Sanguinis

Recombinant FVIIa

Hedner U 2004
Virus Research

Parvovirus H-1-induced cell death: influence of intracellular NAD consumption on the regulation of necrosis and apoptosis

Ran ZH ; Rayet B ; Rommelaere J ; Faisst S 1999
Virus Genes

Changes in the receptorbinding haemagglutinin protein of wild-type morbilliviruses are not required for adaptation to Vero cells

Nielsen L ; Andersen MK ; Jensen TD ; Blixenkrone-Moller M ; Bolt G 2003

The genetic diversity of European type PRRSV is similar to that of the North American type but is geographically skewed within Europe

Forsberg R ; Storgaard T ; Nielsen HS ; Oleksiewicz MB ; Cordioli P ; Sala G ; Hein J ; Botnert A 2002

A molecular clock dates the common ancestor of European-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus at more than 10 years before the emergence of disease

Forsberg R ; Oleksiewicz MB ; Petersen AMK ; Hein J ; Botner A ; Storgaard T 2001
Virchows Archiv

Identity of M2A (D2-40) antigen and gp36 (Aggrus, T1A-2, podoplanin) in human developing testis, testicular carcinoma in situ and germ-cell tumours

Sonne SB ; Herlihy AS ; Hoei-Hansen CE ; Nielsen JE ; Almstrup K ; Skakkebaek NE ; Marks A ; Leffers H ; Rajpert-De Meyts E 2006
Veterinary Pathology

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae osteomyelitis in pigs demonstrated by fluorescent in situ hybridization

Jensen TK ; Boye M ; Hagedorn-Olsen T ; Riising HJ ; Angen O 1999
Veterinary Microbiology

Outer membrane vesicles reflect environmental cues in Gallibacterium anatis

Bager RJ ; Persson G ; Nesta B ; Soriani M ; Serino L ; Jeppsson M ; Nielsen TK ; Bojesen AM 2013
Veterinary Microbiology

Absence of strictly age-related resistance to Mycoplasma hyosynoviae infection in 6-week-old pigs

Lauritsen KT ; Hagedorn-Olsen T ; Friis NF ; Lind P ; Jungersen G 2008