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Current Medical Research and Opinion

Evidence supporting an association between hypoglycemic events and depression

Shao W ; Ahmad R ; Khutoryansky N ; Aagren M ; Bouchard J 2013
Current Medical Research and Opinion

Predictors of achieving HbA(1c) < 7% and no hypoglycaemia 6 months after initiation of biphasic insulin aspart 30 in patients with type 2 diabetes in the IMPROVE study

Valensi P ; Shaban J ; Benroubi M ; Kawamori R ; Borzi V ; Shah S ; Yang WY ; Prusty V ; Hansen JB ; Gumprecht J 2013
Current Medical Research and Opinion

Accuracy and preference assessment of prefilled insulin pen versus vial and syringe with diabetes patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals

Pfutzner A ; Bailey T ; Campos C ; Kahn D ; Ambers E ; Niemeyer M ; Guerrero G ; Klonoff D ; Nayberg I 2013
Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Advances in metabolic pathway and strain engineering paving the way for sustainable production of chemical building blocks

Chen Y ; Nielsen J 2013
Current Opinion in Biotechnology

The emerging CHO systems biology era: harnessing the 'omics revolution for biotechnology

Kildegaard HF ; Baycin-Hizal D ; Lewis NE ; Betenbaugh MJ 2013
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology

Advances in characterizing ubiquitylation sites by mass spectrometry

Sylvestersen KB ; Young C ; Nielsen ML 2013
Current Opinion in Genetics and Development

To spread or not to spread - chromatin modifications in response to DNA damage

Altmeyer M ; Lukas J 2013
Developmental Biology

Notch-mediated post-translational control of Ngn3 protein stability regulates pancreatic patterning and cell fate commitment

Qu XL ; Afelik S ; Jensen JN ; Bukys MA ; Kobberup S ; Schmerr M ; Xiao F ; Nyeng P ; Albertoni MV ; Grapin-Botton A ; Jensen J 2013
Developmental Cell

Adult Duct-Lining Cells Can Reprogram into beta-like Cells Able to Counter Repeated Cycles of Toxin-Induced Diabetes

Al-Hasani K ; Pfeifer A ; Courtney M ; Ben-Othman N ; Gjernes E ; Vieira A ; Druelle N ; Avolio F ; Ravassard P ; Leuckx G ; Lacas-Gervais S ; Ambrosetti D ; Benizri E ; Jacob S ; Gounon P 2013

Effects of Common Genetic Variants Associated With Type 2 Diabetes and Glycemic Traits on alpha- and beta-Cell Function and Insulin Action in Humans

Jonsson A ; Ladenvall C ; Ahluwalia TS ; Kravic J ; Krus U ; Taneera J ; Isomaa B ; Tuomi T ; Renstrom E ; Groop L ; Lyssenko V 2013

Exaggerated Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Response Is Important for Improved beta-Cell Function and Glucose Tolerance After Roux- en-Y Gastric Bypass in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Jorgensen NB ; Dirksen C ; Bojsen-Moller KN ; Jacobsen SH ; Worm D ; Hansen DL ; Kristiansen VB ; Naver L ; Madsbad S ; Holst JJ 2013

Contraction and AICAR Stimulate IL-6 Vesicle Depletion From Skeletal Muscle Fibers In Vivo

Lauritzen HPMM ; Brandauer J ; Schjerling P ; Koh HJ ; Treebak JT ; Hirshman MF ; Galbo H ; Goodyear LJ 2013

The CTRB1/2 Locus Affects Diabetes Susceptibility and Treatment via the Incretin Pathway

't Hart LM ; Fritsche A ; Nijpels G ; van Leeuwen N ; Donnelly LA ; Dekker JM ; Alssema M ; Fadista J ; Carlotti F ; Gjesing AP ; Palmer CNA ; van Haeften TW ; Herzberg-Schafer SA ; Simonis-Bik AMC ; Houwing-Duistermaat JJ 2013

Can ADAMTS13 Lead Us to the Paradise of Personalized Medicine?

Rossing P ; Lajer M 2013

Assessing the Human Gut Microbiota in Metabolic Diseases

Karlsson F ; Tremaroli V ; Nielsen J ; Backhed F 2013

Impairments in Site-Specific AS160 Phosphorylation and Effects of Exercise Training

Consitt LA ; Van Meter J ; Newton CA ; Collier DN ; Dar MS ; Wojtaszewski JFP ; Treebak JT ; Tanner CJ ; Houmard JA 2013

Mendelian Randomization Studies Do Not Support a Causal Role for Reduced Circulating Adiponectin Levels in Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

Yaghootkar H ; Lamina C ; Scott RA ; Dastani Z ; Hivert MF ; Warren LL ; Stancakova A ; Buxbaum SG ; Lyytikaeinen LP ; Henneman P ; Wu Y ; Cheung CYY ; Pankow JS ; Jackson AU ; Gustafsson S 2013

Genetic Risk Score of 46 Type 2 Diabetes Risk Variants Associates With Changes in Plasma Glucose and Estimates of Pancreatic beta-Cell Function Over 5 Years of Follow-Up

Andersson EA ; Allin KH ; Sandholt CH ; Borglykke A ; Lau CJ ; Ribel-Madsen R ; Sparso T ; Justesen JM ; Harder MN ; Jorgensen ME ; Jorgensen T ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 2013

Link Between GIP and Osteopontin in Adipose Tissue and Insulin Resistance

Ahlqvist E ; Osmark P ; Kuulasmaa T ; Pilgaard K ; Omar B ; Brons C ; Kotova O ; Zetterqvist AV ; Stancakova A ; Jonsson A ; Hansson O ; Kuusisto J ; Kieffer TJ ; Tuomi T ; Isomaa B 2013

Genetic Variants Associated With Glycine Metabolism and Their Role in Insulin Sensitivity and Type 2 Diabetes

Xie WJ ; Wood AR ; Lyssenko V ; Weedon MN ; Knowles JW ; Alkayyali S ; Assimes TL ; Quertermous T ; Abbasi F ; Paananen J ; Haring H ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O ; Smith U ; Laakso M 2013