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Genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes and obesity: from genome-wide association studies to rare variants and beyond

Grarup N ; Sandholt CH ; Hansen T ; Pedersen O 2014

Novel genetic susceptibility loci for diabetic end-stage renal disease identified through robust naive Bayes classification

Sambo F ; Malovini A ; Sandholm N ; Stavarachi M ; Forsblom C ; Makinen VP ; Harjutsalo V ; Lithovius R ; Gordin D ; Parkkonen M ; Saraheimo M ; Thorn LM ; Tolonen N ; Waden J ; He B 2014

AMPK phosphorylation of ACC2 is required for skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and insulin sensitivity in mice

O'Neill HM ; Lally JS ; Galic S ; Thomas M ; Azizi PD ; Fullerton MD ; Smith BK ; Pulinilkunnil T ; Chen ZP ; Samaan MC ; Jorgensen SB ; Dyck JRB ; Holloway GP ; Hawke TJ ; van Denderen BJ 2014
Drug Discovery Today

Dynamic epigenetic responses to muscle contraction

Rasmussen M ; Zierath JR ; Barres R 2014
Drugs and Aging

Ultra-Long Pharmacokinetic Properties of Insulin Degludec are Comparable in Elderly Subjects and Younger Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Korsatko S ; Deller S ; Mader JK ; Glettler K ; Koehler G ; Treiber G ; Urschitz M ; Wolf M ; Hastrup H ; Sondergaard F ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2014
Ecology and Society

Development and Use of a Bioeconomic Model for Management of Mussel Fisheries under Different Nutrient Regimes in the Temperate Estuary of the Limfjord, Denmark - art. no. 14

Timmermann K ; Dinesen GE ; Markager S ; Ravn-Jonsen L ; Bassompierre M ; Roth E ; Stottrup JG 2014
EMBO Reports

Stable MCC binding to the APC/C is required for a functional spindle assembly checkpoint

Hein JB ; Nilsson J 2014
EMBO Reports

A direct role of Mad1 in the spindle assembly checkpoint beyond Mad2 kinetochore recruitment

Kruse T ; Larsen MSY ; Sedgwick GG ; Sigurdsson JO ; Streicher W ; Olsen JV ; Nilsson J 2014
Endocrine Practice


Rodbard HW ; Gough S ; Lane W ; Korsholm L ; Bretler DM ; Handelsman Y 2014
Epidemiology and Infection

The use of combined heart rate response and accelerometry to assess the level and predictors of physical activity in tuberculosis patients in Tanzania

Faurholt-Jepsen M ; Faurholt-Jepsen D ; Range N ; Praygod G ; Jeremiah K ; Aabye MG ; Changalucha J ; Krarup H ; Christensen DL ; Andersen AB ; Brage S ; Friis H 2014
European Journal of Human Genetics

The Genome of the Netherlands: design, and project goals

Boomsma DI ; Wijmenga C ; Slagboom EP ; Swertz MA ; Karssen LC ; Abdellaoui A ; Ye K ; Guryev V ; Vermaat M ; van Dijk F ; Francioli LC ; Hottenga JJ ; Laros JFJ ; Li QB ; Li YR 2014
European Journal of Human Genetics

Variation and association to diabetes in 2000 full mtDNA sequences mined from an exome study in a Danish population

Li ST ; Besenbacher S ; Li YR ; Kristiansen K ; Grarup N ; Albrechtsen A ; Sparso T ; Korneliussen T ; Hansen T ; Wang J ; Nielsen R ; Pedersen O ; Bolund L ; Schierup MH 2014
European Journal of Human Genetics

Targeted next-generation sequencing as a comprehensive test for patients with and female carriers of DMD/BMD: a multi- population diagnostic study

Wei XM ; Dai Y ; Yu P ; Qu N ; Lan ZZ ; Hong XF ; Sun Y ; Yang GH ; Xie SQ ; Shi Q ; Zhou HL ; Zhu Q ; Chu YX ; Yao FX ; Wang JM 2014
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacokinetics of an anti-TFPI monoclonal antibody (concizumab) blocking the TFPI interaction with the active site of FXa in Cynomolgus monkeys after iv and sc administration

Agerso H ; Overgaard RV ; Petersen MB ; Hansen L ; Hermit MB ; Sorensen MH ; Petersen LC ; Hilden I 2014
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

The role of citric acid in oral peptide and protein formulations: Relationship between calcium chelation and proteolysis inhibition

Welling SH ; Hubalek F ; Jacobsen J ; Brayden DJ ; Rahbek UL ; Buckley ST 2014
European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

A prediction of the renal and cardiovascular efficacy of aliskiren in ALTITUDE using short-term changes in multiple risk markers

Smink PA ; Hoekman J ; Grobbee DE ; Eijkemans MJC ; Parving HH ; Persson F ; Ibsen H ; Lindholm L ; Wachtell K ; de Zeeuw D ; Heerspink HJL 2014
Experimental Dermatology

Interleukin 20 protein locates to distinct mononuclear cells in psoriatic skin

Bech R ; Otkjaer K ; Birkelund S ; Vorup-Jensen T ; Agger R ; Johansen C ; Iversen L ; Kragballe K ; Romer J 2014
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

Advances in targeted delivery of small interfering RNA using simple bioconjugates

Nielsen C ; Kjems J ; Sorensen KR ; Engelholm LH ; Behrendt N 2014
Expert Review of Medical Devices

Parent preference in Switzerland for easy-to-use attributes of growth hormone injection devices quantified by willingness to pay

Meinhardt U ; Eiholzer U ; Seitz L ; Bogelund M ; Kappelgaard AM 2014
FEBS Letters

Human chitotriosidase CHIT1 cross reacts with mammalian-like substrates

Larsen T ; Yoshimura Y ; Voldborg BGR ; Cazzamali G ; Bovin NV ; Westerlind U ; Palcic MM ; Leisner JJ 2014