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Diabetic Medicine

Improving quality of care in people with Type 2 diabetes through the Associazione Medici Diabetologi-annals initiative: a long-term cost-effectiveness analysis

Giorda CB ; Nicolucci A ; Pellegrini F ; Kristiansen CK ; Hunt B ; Valentine WJ ; Vespasiani G 2014
Diabetic Medicine

Lost in translation-the role of family in interventions among adults with diabetes: a systematic review

Torenholt R ; Schwennesen N ; Willaing I 2014
Diabetic Medicine

Self-reported non-severe hypoglycaemic events in Europe

Ostenson CG ; Geelhoed-Duijvestijn P ; Lahtela J ; Weitgasser R ; Jensen MM ; Pedersen-Bjergaard U 2014
Diabetic Medicine

Is it possible to develop a 'one-size fits all' prediction model for undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes?

Faerch K ; Vistisen D 2014

Prevalence of systolic and diastolic dysfunction in patients with type 1 diabetes without known heart disease: the Thousand & 1 Study

Jensen MT ; Sogaard P ; Andersen HU ; Bech J ; Hansen TF ; Galatius S ; Jorgensen PG ; Biering-Sorensen T ; Mogelvang R ; Rossing P ; Jensen JS 2014

Mortality after cancer among patients with diabetes mellitus: effect of diabetes duration and treatment

Ranc K ; Jorgensen ME ; Friis S ; Carstensen B 2014

HbA(1c), fasting and 2 h plasma glucose in current, ex- and never-smokers: a meta-analysis

Soulimane S ; Simon D ; Herman WH ; Lange C ; Lee CMY ; Colagiuri S ; Shaw JE ; Zimmet PZ ; Magliano D ; Ferreira SRG ; Dong YH ; Zhang L ; Jorgensen T ; Tuomilehto J ; Mohan V 2014

Insulin degludec is not associated with a delayed or diminished response to hypoglycaemia compared with insulin glargine in type 1 diabetes: a double-blind randomised crossover study

Koehler G ; Heller S ; Korsatko S ; Roepstorff C ; Rasmussen S ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2014

Mortality after cancer among patients with diabetes mellitus: effect of diabetes duration and treatment: (questionable) classification of diabetic patients based on combination of specific glucose-lowering drugs. Reply to Holden SE, Bannister CA, Currie CJ [letter]

Ranc K ; Jorgensen ME ; Friis S ; Carstensen B 2014

Novel genetic susceptibility loci for diabetic end-stage renal disease identified through robust naive Bayes classification

Sambo F ; Malovini A ; Sandholm N ; Stavarachi M ; Forsblom C ; Makinen VP ; Harjutsalo V ; Lithovius R ; Gordin D ; Parkkonen M ; Saraheimo M ; Thorn LM ; Tolonen N ; Waden J ; He B 2014

AMPK phosphorylation of ACC2 is required for skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and insulin sensitivity in mice

O'Neill HM ; Lally JS ; Galic S ; Thomas M ; Azizi PD ; Fullerton MD ; Smith BK ; Pulinilkunnil T ; Chen ZP ; Samaan MC ; Jorgensen SB ; Dyck JRB ; Holloway GP ; Hawke TJ ; van Denderen BJ 2014

Discovery of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: rationale and design of the epidemiological studies within the IMI DIRECT Consortium

Koivula RW ; Heggie A ; Barnett A ; Cederberg H ; Hansen TH ; Koopman AD ; Ridderstrale M ; Rutters F ; Vestergaard H ; Gupta R ; Herrgard S ; Heymans MW ; Perry MH ; Rauh S ; Siloaho M 2014

Genome-wide association study of urinary albumin excretion rate in patients with type 1 diabetes

Sandholm N ; Forsblom C ; Makinen VP ; McKnight AJ ; Osterholm AM ; He B ; Harjutsalo V ; Lithovius R ; Gordin D ; Parkkonen M ; Saraheimo M ; Thorn LM ; Tolonen N ; Waden J ; Tuomilehto J 2014

Young men with low birthweight exhibit decreased plasticity of genome-wide muscle DNA methylation by high-fat overfeeding

Jacobsen SC ; Gillberg L ; Bork-Jensen J ; Ribel-Madsen R ; Lara E ; Calvanese V ; Ling C ; Fernandez AF ; Fraga MF ; Poulsen P ; Brons C ; Vaag A 2014

Potential viral pathogenic mechanism in human type 1 diabetes

Schneider DA ; von Herrath MG 2014

Association of the pattern recognition molecule H-ficolin with incident microalbuminuria in an inception cohort of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic patients: an 18 year follow- up study

Ostergaard JA ; Thiel S ; Hovind P ; Holt CB ; Parving HH ; Flyvbjerg A ; Rossing P ; Hansen TK 2014
Drugs and Aging

Ultra-Long Pharmacokinetic Properties of Insulin Degludec are Comparable in Elderly Subjects and Younger Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Korsatko S ; Deller S ; Mader JK ; Glettler K ; Koehler G ; Treiber G ; Urschitz M ; Wolf M ; Hastrup H ; Sondergaard F ; Haahr H ; Pieber TR 2014
Ecology and Society

Development and Use of a Bioeconomic Model for Management of Mussel Fisheries under Different Nutrient Regimes in the Temperate Estuary of the Limfjord, Denmark - art. no. 14

Timmermann K ; Dinesen GE ; Markager S ; Ravn-Jonsen L ; Bassompierre M ; Roth E ; Stottrup JG 2014
Emerging Infectious Diseases

Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis Acquired in Scotland, 2013

Hagedorn P ; Imhoff M ; Fischer C ; Domingo C ; Niedrig M 2014
Endocrine Practice


Rodbard HW ; Gough S ; Lane W ; Korsholm L ; Bretler DM ; Handelsman Y 2014