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Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Trash to treasure: production of biofuels and commodity chemicals via syngas fermenting microorganisms

Latif H ; Zeidan AA ; Nielsen AT ; Zengler K 2014

KCNQ1 Long QT Syndrome Patients Have Hyperinsulinemia and Symptomatic Hypoglycemia

Torekov SS ; Iepsen E ; Christiansen M ; Linneberg A ; Pedersen O ; Holst JJ ; Kanters JK ; Hansen T 2014

The Human GLP-1 Analogs Liraglutide and Semaglutide: Absence of Histopathological Effects on the Pancreas in Nonhuman Primates

Gotfredsen CF ; Molck AM ; Thorup I ; Nyborg NCB ; Salanti Z ; Knudsen LB ; Larsen MO 2014

Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility Variants on Quantitative Glycemic Traits Reveals Mechanistic Heterogeneity

Dimas AS ; Lagou V ; Barker A ; Knowles JW ; Magi R ; Hivert MF ; Benazzo A ; Rybin D ; Jackson AU ; Stringham HM ; Song C ; Fischer-Rosinsky A ; Boesgaard TW ; Grarup N ; Abbasi FA 2014

Adipose Triglyceride Lipase and G(0)/G(1) Switch Gene 2: Approaching Proof of Concept

Nielsen TS ; Moller N 2014

Insulin Resistance Alters Islet Morphology in Nondiabetic Humans

Mezza T ; Muscogiuri G ; Sorice GP ; Clemente G ; Hu J ; Pontecorvi A ; Holst JJ ; Giaccari A ; Kulkarni RN 2014

Defining the Role of GLP-1 in the Enteroinsulinar Axis in Type 2 Diabetes Using DPP-4 Inhibition and GLP-1 Receptor Blockade

Aulinger BA ; Bedorf A ; Kutscherauer G ; de Heer J ; Holst JJ ; Goke B ; Schirra J 2014

Early Enhancements of Hepatic and Later of Peripheral Insulin Sensitivity Combined With Increased Postprandial Insulin Secretion Contribute to Improved Glycemic Control After Roux- en-Y Gastric Bypass

Bojsen-Moller KN ; Dirksen C ; Jorgensen NB ; Jacobsen SH ; Serup AK ; Albers PH ; Hansen DL ; Worm D ; Naver L ; Kristiansen VB ; Wojtaszewski JFP ; Kiens B ; Holst JJ ; Richter EA ; Madsbad S 2014

Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) and Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Contribute to Diabetes Resistance in Glucagon Receptor- Deficient Mice

Omar BA ; Andersen B ; Hald J ; Raun K ; Nishimura E ; Ahren B 2014

Impaired Leptin Gene Expression and Release in Cultured Preadipocytes Isolated From Individuals Born With Low Birth Weight

Schultz NS ; Broholm C ; Gillberg L ; Mortensen B ; Jorgensen SW ; Schultz HS ; Scheele C ; Wojtaszewski JFP ; Pedersen BK ; Vaag A 2014
Diabetes Care

The Association Between Conventional Risk Factors and Diabetes Is Weak Among Urban Tanzanians

Faurholt-Jepsen D ; Range N ; PrayGod G ; Jeremiah K ; Faurholt-Jepsen M ; Aabye MG ; Changalucha J ; Ritz C ; Christensen DL ; Jorgensen ME ; Andersen AB ; Friis H 2014
Diabetes Care

Consumption of a Diet Low in Advanced Glycation End Products for 4 Weeks Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Overweight Women

Mark AB ; Poulsen MW ; Andersen S ; Andersen JM ; Bak MJ ; Ritz C ; Holst JJ ; Nielsen J ; de Courten B ; Dragsted LO ; Bugel SG 2014
Diabetes Care

GLP-1 Responses Are Heritable and Blunted in Acquired Obesity With High Liver Fat and Insulin Resistance

Matikainen N ; Bogl LH ; Hakkarainen A ; Lundbom J ; Lundbom N ; Kaprio J ; Rissanen A ; Holst JJ ; Pietilainen KH 2014
Diabetes Care

Clinical Inertia in People With Type 2 Diabetes: A Retrospective Cohort Study of More Than 80,000 People. Diabetes Care 2013; 36: 3411-3417

Khunti K ; Wolden ML ; Thorsted BL ; Andersen M ; Davies MJ 2014
Diabetes Care

Predictive and Explanatory Factors of Change in HbA1c in a 24-Week Observational Study of 66,726 People With Type 2 Diabetes Starting Insulin Analogs

Home PD ; Shen CD ; Hasan MI ; Latif ZA ; Chen JW ; Galvez GG 2014
Diabetes Care

Body Composition Is the Main Determinant for the Difference in Type 2 Diabetes Pathophysiology Between Japanese and Caucasians

Moller JB ; Pedersen M ; Tanaka H ; Ohsugi M ; Overgaard RV ; Lynge J ; Almind K ; Vasconcelos NM ; Poulsen P ; Keller C ; Ueki K ; Ingwersen SH ; Pedersen BK ; Kadowaki T 2014
Diabetes Care

Effect of Early Multifactorial Therapy Compared With Routine Care on Microvascular Outcomes at 5 Years in People With Screen-Detected Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial The ADDITION-Europe Study

Sandbaek A ; Griffin SJ ; Sharp SJ ; Simmons RK ; Borch-Johnsen K ; Rutten GEHM ; van den Donk M ; Wareham NJ ; Lauritzen T ; Davies MJ ; Khunti K 2014
Diabetes Care

Insulin Sensitivity and Albuminuria: The RISC Study

Pilz S ; Rutters F ; Nijpels G ; Stehouwer CDA ; Hojlund K ; Nolan JJ ; Balkau B ; Dekker JM 2014
Diabetes Care

Improved Survival and Renal Prognosis of Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Nephropathy With Improved Control of Risk Factors

Andresdottir G ; Jensen ML ; Carstensen B ; Parving HH ; Rossing K ; Hansen TW ; Rossing P 2014
Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism

A comparison of adding liraglutide versus a single daily dose of insulin aspart to insulin degludec in subjects with type 2 diabetes (BEGIN: VICTOZA ADD-ON)

Mathieu C ; Rodbard HW ; Cariou B ; Handelsman Y ; Philis-Tsimikas A ; Francisco AMO ; Rana A ; Zinman B 2014