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BMC Health Services Research

Psychosocial, behavioural and health system barriers to delivery and uptake of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Tanzania - viewpoints of service providers in Mkuranga and Mufindi districts - art. no. 15

Mubyazi GM ; Bloch P 2014
BMC Psychiatry

Overcoming recruitment barriers revealed high readiness to participate and low dropout rate among people with schizophrenia in a randomized controlled trial testing the effect of a Guided Self-Determination intervention - art. no. 28

Jorgensen R ; Munk-Jorgensen P ; Lysaker PH ; Buck KD ; Hansson L ; Zoffmann V 2014
Breast Cancer Research

Birth weight, childhood body mass index, and height in relation to mammographic density and breast cancer: a register-based cohort study - art. no. R4

Andersen ZJ ; Baker JL ; Bihrmann K ; Vejborg I ; Sorensen TIA ; Lynge E 2014
British Journal of Cancer

Childhood body mass index and the risk of prostate cancer in adult men

Aarestrup J ; Gamborg M ; Cook MB ; Sorensen TIA ; Baker JL 2014
British Journal of Nutrition

Development of a field-friendly automated dietary assessment tool and nutrient database for India

Daniel CR ; Kapur K ; McAdams MJ ; Dixit-Joshi S ; Devasenapathy N ; Shetty H ; Hariharan S ; George PS ; Mathew A ; Sinha R 2014
British Journal of Pharmacology

Gating function of isoleucine-116 in TM-3 (position III: 16/3.40) for the activity state of the CC-chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5)

Steen A ; Sparre-Ulrich AH ; Thiele S ; Guo D ; Frimurer TM ; Rosenkilde MM 2014
Cancer Research

Childhood Height and Body Mass Index Were Associated with Risk of Adult Thyroid Cancer in a Large Cohort Study

Kitahara CM ; Gamborg M ; de Gonzalez AB ; Sorensen TIA ; Baker JL 2014
Carbohydrate Research

Determination of native capsular polysaccharide structures of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes 39, 42, and 47F and comparison to genetically or serologically related strains

Petersen BO ; Meier S ; Paulsen BS ; Redondo AR ; Skovsted IC 2014

SOCS2 mediates the cross talk between androgen and growth hormone signaling in prostate cancer

Iglesias-Gato D ; Chuan YC ; Wikstrom P ; Augsten S ; Jiang N ; Niu YJ ; Seipel A ; Danneman D ; Vermeij M ; Fernandez-Perez L ; Jenster G ; Egevad L ; Norstedt G ; Flores-Morales A 2014

Microbiota-Generated Metabolites Promote Metabolic Benefits via Gut-Brain Neural Circuits

De Vadder F ; Kovatcheva-Datchary P ; Goncalves D ; Vinera J ; Zitoun C ; Duchampt A ; Backhed F ; Mithieux G 2014
Cell Research

Ago2 facilitates Rad51 recruitment and DNA double-strand break repair by homologous recombination

Gao M ; Wei W ; Li MM ; Wu YS ; Ba ZQ ; Jin KX ; Li MM ; Liao YQ ; Adhikari S ; Chong ZC ; Zhang T ; Guo CX ; Tang TS ; Zhu BT ; Xu XZ 2014
Cell Research

Mammalian WTAP is a regulatory subunit of the RNA N6- methyladenosine methyltransferase

Ping XL ; Sun BF ; Wang L ; Xiao W ; Yang X ; Wang WJ ; Adhikari S ; Shi Y ; Lv Y ; Chen YS ; Zhao X ; Li A ; Yang Y ; Dahal U ; Lou XM 2014
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

SOCS proteins in regulation of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling

Kazi JU ; Kabir NN ; Flores-Morales A ; Ronnstrand L 2014
Cellular Oncology

Transcription of the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 (VEGFR3) gene is regulated by the zinc finger proteins Sp1 and Sp3 and is under epigenetic control

Hertel J ; Hirche C ; Wissmann C ; Ebert MP ; Hocker M 2014

Biosynthesis of Phenylnannolone A, a Multidrug Resistance Reversal Agent from the Halotolerant Myxobacterium Nannocystis pusilla B150

Bouhired SM ; Crusemann M ; Almeida C ; Weber T ; Piel J ; Schaberle TF ; Konig GM 2014

Bioorthogonal Fluorescent Labeling of Functional G-Protein- Coupled Receptors

Tian H ; Naganathan S ; Kazmi MA ; Schwartz TW ; Sakmar TP ; Huber T 2014

Ambulatory Hypertension Subtypes and 24-Hour Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure as Distinct Outcome Predictors in 8341 Untreated People Recruited From 12 Populations

Li Y ; Wei FF ; Thijs L ; Boggia J ; Asayama K ; Hansen TW ; Kikuya M ; Bjorklund-Bodegard K ; Ohkubo T ; Jeppesen J ; Gu YM ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Dolan E ; Liu YP ; Kuznetsova T 2014
Circulation-Cardiovascular Genetics

Novel Genetic Approach to Investigate the Role of Plasma Secretory Phospholipase A2 (sPLA(2))-V Isoenzyme in Coronary Heart Disease Modified Mendelian Randomization Analysis Using PLA2G5 Expression Levels

Holmes MV ; Exeter HJ ; Folkersen L ; Nelson CP ; Guardiola M ; Cooper JA ; Sofat R ; Boekholdt SM ; Khaw KT ; Li KW ; Smith AJP ; van't Hooft F ; Eriksson P ; Franco-Cereceda A ; Asselbergs FW 2014

Attitudes and approaches to vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women: a focus group qualitative study

Utian WH ; Maamari R 2014
Clinical and Experimental Immunology

Rapid-onset clinical and mechanistic effects of anti-C5aR treatment in the mouse collagen-induced arthritis model

Andersson C ; Wenander CS ; Usher PA ; Hebsgaard JB ; Sondergaard BC ; Rono B ; Mackay C ; Friedrichsen B ; Chang C ; Tang R ; Hornum L 2014