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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Unmasking Translucent Protein Particles by Improved Micro- Flow Imaging (TM) Algorithms

Pedersen JS ; Persson M 2014
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Stability of Monoclonal Antibodies at High-Concentration: Head-to-Head Comparison of the IgG(1) and IgG(4) Subclass

Neergaard MS ; Nielsen AD ; Parshad H ; Van de Weert M 2014
Lab on a Chip

High-throughput screening for industrial enzyme production hosts by droplet microfluidics

Sjostrom SL ; Bai YP ; Huang MT ; Liu ZH ; Nielsen J ; Joensson HN ; Svahn HA 2014
Melanoma Research

HER4 and its cytoplasmic isoforms are associated with progression-free survival of malignant melanoma

Nielsen TO ; Poulsen SS ; Journe F ; Ghanem G ; Sorensen BS 2014
Metabolic Engineering

Novel biosensors based on flavonoid-responsive transcriptional regulators introduced into Escherichia coli

Siedler S ; Stahlhut SG ; Malla S ; Maury J ; Neves AR 2014
Metabolic Engineering

Balanced globin protein expression and heme biosynthesis improve production of human hemoglobin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Liu LF ; Martinez JL ; Liu ZH ; Petranovic D ; Nielsen J 2014

Upper Palaeolithic Siberian genome reveals dual ancestry of Native Americans

Raghavan M ; Skoglund P ; Graf KE ; Metspalu M ; Albrechtsen A ; Moltke I ; Rasmussen S ; Stafford TW ; Orlando L ; Metspalu E ; Karmin M ; Tambets K ; Rootsi S ; Magi R ; Campos PF 2014

Glutamine methylation in histone H2A is an RNA-polymerase-I- dedicated modification

Tessarz P ; Santos-Rosa H ; Robson S ; Sylvestersen KB ; Nelson CJ ; Nielsen ML ; Kouzarides T 2014
Nature Genetics

A large-scale screen for coding variants predisposing to psoriasis

Tang HY ; Jin X ; Li Y ; Jiang H ; Tang XF ; Yang X ; Cheng H ; Qiu Y ; Chen G ; Mei JP ; Zhou FS ; Wu RH ; Zuo XB ; Zhang Y ; Zheng XD 2014
Nature Genetics

A genome-wide association study identifies CDHR3 as a susceptibility locus for early childhood asthma with severe exacerbations

Bonnelykke K ; Sleiman P ; Nielsen K ; Kreiner-Moller E ; Mercader JM ; Belgrave D ; den Dekker HT ; Husby A ; Sevelsted A ; Faura-Tellez G ; Mortensen LJ ; Paternoster L ; Flaaten R ; Molgaard A ; Smart DE 2014
Nature Medicine

Direct assessment of hepatic mitochondrial oxidative and anaplerotic fluxes in humans using dynamic C-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Befroy DE ; Perry RJ ; Jain N ; Dufour S ; Cline GW ; Trimmer JK ; Brosnan J ; Rothman DL ; Petersen KF ; Shulman GI 2014
Pediatric Diabetes

Insulin degludec's ultra-long pharmacokinetic properties observed in adults are retained in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Biester T ; Blaesig S ; Remus K ; Aschemeier B ; Kordonouri O ; Granhall C ; Sondergaard F ; Kristensen NR ; Haahr H ; Danne T 2014
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Lysine deacetylase inhibition prevents diabetes by chromatin- independent immunoregulation and beta-cell protection

Christensen DP ; Gysemans C ; Lundh M ; Dahllof MS ; Noesgaard D ; Schmidt SF ; Mandrup S ; Birkbak N ; Workman CT ; Piemonti L ; Blaabjerg L ; Monzani V ; Fossati G ; Mascagni P ; Paraskevas S 2014
Protein Expression and Purification

Purification of a recombinant human growth hormone by an integrated IMAC procedure

Mooney JT ; Fredericks DP ; Zhang CF ; Christensen T ; Jespergaard C ; Schiodt CB ; Hearn MTW 2014
Abdominal Imaging

H-1 MRS assessment of hepatic steatosis in overweight children and adolescents: comparison between 3T and open 1T MR-systems

Chabanova E ; Bille DS ; Thisted E ; Holm JC ; Thomsen HS 2013
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Design and Synthesis of Peptide YY Analogues with C-terminal Backbone Amide-to-Ester Modifications

Albertsen L ; Andersen JJ ; Paulsson JF ; Thomsen JK ; Norrild JC ; Stromgaard K 2013
Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography

High-resolution powder X-ray data reveal the T-6 hexameric form of bovine insulin

Margiolaki I ; Giannopoulou AE ; Wright JP ; Knight L ; Norrman M ; Schluckebier G ; Fitch AN ; Von Dreele RB 2013
Acta Diabetologica

CD2AP is associated with end-stage renal disease in patients with type 1 diabetes

Hyvonen ME ; Ihalmo P ; Sandholm N ; Stavarachi M ; Forsblom C ; McKnight AJ ; Lajer M ; Maestroni A ; Lewis G ; Tarnow L ; Maestroni S ; Zerbini G ; Parving HH ; Maxwell A ; Groop PH 2013
Acta Diabetologica

Association between protein signals and type 2 diabetes incidence

Jensen TM ; Witte DR ; Pieragostino D ; McGuire JN ; Schjerning ED ; Nardi C ; Urbani A ; Kivimaki M ; Brunner EJ ; Tabak AG ; Vistisen D 2013
Acta Paediatrica

Early recognition of growth abnormalities permitting early intervention

Haymond M ; Kappelgaard AM ; Czernichow P ; Biller BMK ; Takano K ; Kiess W 2013