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Journal of Crohns and Colitis

Characterisation of enterocolitis in the piroxicam- accelerated interleukin-10 knock out mouse - A model mimicking inflammatory bowel disease

Holgersen K ; Kvist PH ; Markholst H ; Hansen AK ; Holm TL 2014
Journal of Diabetes

Safety of once- daily insulin detemir in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with oral hypoglycemic agents in routine clinical practice

Ross S ; Dzida G ; Ji QH ; Kaiser M ; Ligthelm R ; Meneghini L ; Nazeri A ; Orozco-Beltran D ; Pan CY ; Svendsen AL 2014
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications

Reductions in systolic blood pressure with liraglutide in patients with type 2 diabetes: Insights from a patient-level pooled analysis of six randomized clinical trials

Fonseca VA ; DeVries JH ; Henry RR ; Donsmark M ; Thomsen HF ; Plutzky J 2014
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications

Approaching Pre-diabetes

Perreault L ; Faerch K 2014
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications

Physical inactivity affects skeletal muscle insulin signaling in a birth weight-dependent manner

Mortensen B ; Friedrichsen M ; Andersen NR ; Alibegovic AC ; Hojbjerre L ; Sonne MP ; Stallknecht B ; Dela F ; Wojtaszewski JFP ; Vaag A 2014
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications

Hypoglycaemia and QT interval prolongation in type 1 diabetes - bridging the gap between clamp studies and spontaneous episodes

Christensen TF ; Cichosz SL ; Tarnow L ; Randlov J ; Kristensen LE ; Struijk JJ ; Eldrup E ; Hejlesen OK 2014
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications

Carotid intima-media thickness is reduced 12 months after gastric bypass surgery in obese patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance

Lundby-Christensen L ; Tarnow L ; Hansen DL ; Worm D ; Naver LS ; Hvolris LE ; Wiinberg N ; Vaag A ; Almdal TP 2014
Journal of Endocrinology

Novel alpha-MSH analog causes weight loss in obese rats and minipigs and improves insulin sensitivity

Fosgerau K ; Raun K ; Nilsson C ; Dahl K ; Wulff BS 2014
Journal of General Virology

Direct visualization of hepatitis C virus-infected Huh7.5 cells with a high titre of infectious chimeric JFH1-EGFP reporter virus in three-dimensional Matrigel cell cultures

Liu SH ; Chen R ; Hagedorn CH 2014
Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume

Posterior Interosseus Nerve Entrapment Following Monteggia Fracture Dislocation

Hagedorn JM ; Reichel LM 2014
Journal of Human Hypertension

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for risk stratification in obese and non-obese subjects from 10 populations

Hansen T ; Thijs L ; Li Y ; Boggia J ; Liu Y ; Asayama K ; Kikuya M ; Bjorklund-Bodegard K ; Ohkubo T ; Jeppesen J ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Dolan E ; Kuznetsova T ; Stolarz-Skrzypek K ; Tikhonoff V 2014
Journal of Hypertension

Association between albuminuria, atherosclerotic plaques, elevated pulse wave velocity, age, risk category and prognosis in apparently healthy individuals

Greve SV ; Blicher MK ; Blyme A ; Sehestedt T ; Hansen TW ; Rassmusen S ; Vishram JKK ; Ibsen H ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Olsen MH 2014
Journal of Immunology

Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Is a Central Regulator of Macrophage Three-Dimensional Invasion, Matrix Degradation, and Adhesion

Fleetwood AJ ; Achuthan A ; Schultz H ; Nansen A ; Almholt K ; Usher P ; Hamilton JA 2014
Journal of Leukocyte Biology

CD14(hi) HLA-DRdim macrophages, with a resemblance to classical blood monocytes, dominate inflamed mucosa in Crohn's disease

Thiesen S ; Janciauskiene S ; Uronen-Hansson H ; Agace W ; Hogerkorp CM ; Spee P ; Hakansson K ; Grip O 2014
Journal of Leukocyte Biology

Accumulation of M1-like macrophages in type 2 diabetic islets is followed by a systemic shift in macrophage polarization

Cucak H ; Grunnet LG ; Rosendahl A 2014
Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Changes in basal rates and bolus calculator settings in insulin pumps during pregnancy in women with type 1 diabetes

Mathiesen JM ; Secher AL ; Ringholm L ; Norgaard K ; Hommel E ; Andersen HU ; Damm P ; Mathiesen ER 2014
Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

A randomized trial comparing perinatal outcomes using insulin detemir or neutral protamine Hagedorn in type 1 diabetes

Hod M ; Mathiesen ER ; Jovanovic L ; McCance DR ; Ivanisevic M ; Duran-Garcia S ; Brondsted L ; Nazeri A ; Damm P 2014
Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Poor pregnancy outcome in women with type 1 diabetes is predicted by elevated HbA(1c) and spikes of high glucose values in the third trimester

Damm P ; Mersebach H ; Rastam J ; Kaaja R ; Hod M ; McCance DR ; Mathiesen ER 2014
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

The islet ghrelin cell

Wierup N ; Sundler F ; Heller RS 2014
Journal of Neuroendocrinology

Effect of Insulin-Induced Hypoglycaemia on the Central Nervous System: Evidence from Experimental Studies

Jensen VFH ; Bogh IB ; Lykkesfeldt J 2014