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Functional Redundancy of CXCR3/CXCL10 Signaling in the Recruitment of Diabetogenic Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes to Pancreatic Islets in a Virally Induced Autoimmune Diabetes Model

Coppieters KT ; Amirian N ; Pagni PP ; Jones CB ; Wiberg A ; Lasch S ; Hintermann E ; Christen U ; von Herrath MG 2013

Long-Term Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Meal Disposal and beta-Cell Function in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Patients

Camastra S ; Muscelli E ; Gastaldelli A ; Holst JJ ; Astiarraga B ; Baldi S ; Nannipieri M ; Ciociaro D ; Anselmino M ; Mari A ; Ferrannini E 2013

Rac1 Is a Novel Regulator of Contraction-Stimulated Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle

Sylow L ; Jensen TE ; Kleinert M ; Mouatt JR ; Maarbjerg SJ ; Jeppesen J ; Prats C ; Chiu TT ; Boguslavsky S ; Klip A ; Schjerling P ; Richter EA 2013

Mutations in HNF1A Result in Marked Alterations of Plasma Glycan Profile

Thanabalasingham G ; Huffman JE ; Kattla JJ ; Novokmet M ; Rudan I ; Gloyn AL ; Hayward C ; Adamczyk B ; Reynolds RM ; Muzinic A ; Hassanali N ; Pucic M ; Bennett AJ ; Essafi A ; Polasek O 2013

LKB1 Regulates Lipid Oxidation During Exercise Independently of AMPK

Jeppesen J ; Maarbjerg SJ ; Jordy AB ; Fritzen AM ; Pehmoller C ; Sylow L ; Serup AK ; Jessen N ; Thorsen K ; Prats C ; Qvortrup K ; Dyck JRB ; Hunter RW ; Sakamoto K ; Thomson DM 2013

Deletion of Skeletal Muscle SOCS3 Prevents Insulin Resistance in Obesity

Jorgensen SB ; O'Neill HM ; Sylow L ; Honeyman J ; Hewitt KA ; Palanivel R ; Fullerton MD ; Oberg L ; Balendran A ; Galic S ; van der Poel C ; Trounce IA ; Lynch GS ; Schertzer JD ; Steinberg GR 2013
Diabetes and Metabolism

Depressive symptoms, insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion in the RISC cohort study

Bot M ; Pouwer F ; De Jonge P ; Nolan JJ ; Mari A ; Hojlund K ; Golay A ; Balkau B ; Dekker JM 2013
Diabetes and Metabolism

Impact of objectively measured sedentary behaviour on changes in insulin resistance and secretion over 3 years in the RISC study: Interaction with weight gain

Lahjibi E ; Heude B ; Dekker JM ; Hrojlund K ; Layille M ; Nolan J ; Oppert JM ; Balkau B 2013
Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research

Prevalence and predictors of diabetes and cardiometabolic risk among construction workers in Ireland: The Construction Workers Health Trust screening study

Thabit H ; Burns N ; Shah S ; Brema I ; Crowley V ; Finnegan F ; Daly B ; Nolan JJ 2013
Diabetes Care

Removal of Duodenum Elicits GLP-1 Secretion

Muscogiuri G ; Mezza T ; Prioletta A ; Sorice GP ; Clemente G ; Sarno G ; Nuzzo G ; Pontecorvi A ; Holst JJ ; Giaccari A 2013
Diabetes Care

The Effect of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnant Women With Diabetes A randomized controlled trial

Secher AL ; Ringholm L ; Andersen HU ; Damm P ; Mathiesen ER 2013
Diabetes Care

Fat Distribution and Glucose Intolerance Among Greenland Inuit

Jorgensen ME ; Borch-Johnsen K ; Stolk R ; Bjerregaard P 2013
Diabetes Care

Combined Heart Rate- and Accelerometer-Assessed Physical Activity Energy Expenditure and Associations With Glucose Homeostasis Markers in a Population at High Risk of Developing Diabetes The ADDITION-PRO study

Hansen ALS ; Carstensen B ; Helge JW ; Johansen NB ; Gram B ; Christiansen JS ; Brage S ; Lauritzen T ; Jorgensen ME ; Aadahl M ; Witte DR 2013
Diabetes Care

Secretion of Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Systematic review and meta- analysis of clinical studies

Calanna S ; Christensen M ; Holst JJ ; Laferrere B ; Gluud LL ; Vilsboll T ; Knop FK 2013
Diabetes Care

No Difference in Vitamin D Levels Between Children Newly Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes and Their Healthy Siblings: A 13-Year Nationwide Danish Study

Thorsen SU ; Mortensen HB ; Carstensen B ; Fenger M ; Thuesen BH ; Husemoen LL ; Bergholdt R ; Brorsson C ; Pociot F ; Linneberg A ; Svensson J 2013
Diabetes Care

Low-Volume Insulin Degludec 200 Units/mL Once Daily Improves Glycemic Control Similarly to Insulin Glargine With a Low Risk of Hypoglycemia in Insulin-Naive Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A 26-week, randomized, controlled, multinational, treat-to-target trial: The BEGIN LOW VOLUME trial

Gough SCL ; Bhargava A ; Jain R ; Mersebach H ; Rasmussen S ; Bergenstal RM 2013
Diabetes Care

Total Mortality by Elevated Transferrin Saturation in Patients With Diabetes

Ellervik C ; Andersen HU ; Tybjaerg-Hansen A ; Frandsen M ; Birgens H ; Nordestgaard BG ; Mandrup-Poulsen T 2013
Diabetes Care

Genetic Screening for the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Worthless or valuable?

Lyssenko V ; Laakso M 2013
Diabetes Care

Clinical Inertia in People With Type 2 Diabetes A retrospective cohort study of more than 80,000 people

Khunti K ; Wolden ML ; Thorsted BL ; Andersen M ; Davies MJ 2013
Diabetes Care

Impact of Glucose Tolerance Status, Sex, and Body Size on Glucose Absorption Patterns During OGTTs

Faerch K ; Pacini G ; Nolan JJ ; Hansen T ; Tura A ; Vistisen D 2013