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Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

Donepezil provides positive effects to patients treated with gabapentin for neuropathic pain: an exploratory study

Basnet A ; Butler S ; Honore PH ; Butler M ; Gordh TE ; Kristensen K ; Bjerrum OJ 2014
Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography

BuD, a helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain for genome modification

Stella S ; Molina R ; Lopez-Mendez B ; Juillerat A ; Bertonati C ; Daboussi F ; Campos-Olivas R ; Duchateau P ; Montoya G 2014
Acta Diabetologica

GAD65 antibodies among Greenland Inuit and its relation to glucose intolerance

Pedersen ML ; Bjerregaard P ; Jorgensen ME 2014
Acta Diabetologica

Insulin resistance and beta-cell function in different ethnic groups in Kenya: the role of abdominal fat distribution

Christensen DL ; Faurholt-Jepsen D ; Faerch K ; Mwaniki DL ; Boit MK ; Kilonzo B ; Tetens I ; Friis H ; Borch-Johnsen K 2014
Acta Diabetologica

Sex differences in glucose and insulin trajectories prior to diabetes diagnosis: the Whitehall II study

Vistisen D ; Witte DR ; Tabak AG ; Brunner EJ ; Kivimaki M ; Faerch K 2014
Acta Ophthalmologica

Juvenile eye growth, when completed? An evaluation based on IOL-Master axial length data, cross-sectional and longitudinal

Fledelius HC ; Christensen AS ; Fledelius C 2014
Acta Ophthalmologica

Long-term results, prognostic factors and cataract surgery after diabetic vitrectomy: a 10-year follow up study

Ostri C ; Lux A ; Lund-Andersen H ; la Cour M 2014
Acta Ophthalmologica

Diabetic vitrectomy in a large type 1 diabetes patient population: long-term incidence and risk factors

Ostri C ; la Cour M ; Lund-Andersen H 2014
Acta Physiologica

Chronic glucocorticoid treatment increases de novo lipogenesis in visceral adipose tissue

Vienberg SG ; Bjornholm M 2014
Acta Physiologica

Maternal chocolate and sucrose soft drink intake induces hepatic steatosis in rat offspring associated with altered lipid gene expression profile

Kjaergaard M ; Nilsson C ; Rosendal A ; Nielsen MO ; Raun K 2014
Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease

Sequential RAAS Blockade: Is It Worth the Risk?

Persson F ; Rossing P 2014
Advances in Therapy

Real-World Cost-Effectiveness: Lower Cost of Treating Patients to Glycemic Goal with Liraglutide versus Exenatide

DeKoven M ; Lee WC ; Bouchard J ; Massoudi M ; Langer J 2014
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

How do pregnancy-related weight changes and breastfeeding relate to maternal weight and BMI-adjusted waist circumference 7 y after delivery? Results from a path analysis

Kirkegaard H ; Stovring H ; Rasmussen KM ; Abrams B ; Sorensen TIA ; Nohr EA 2014
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Interaction between genetic predisposition to obesity and dietary calcium in relation to subsequent change in body weight and waist circumference

Larsen SC ; Angquist L ; Ahluwalia TS ; Skaaby T ; Roswall N ; Tjonneland A ; Halkjaer J ; Overvad K ; Pedersen O ; Hansen T ; Linneberg A ; Husemoen LLN ; Toft U ; Heitmann BL ; Sorensen TIA 2014
American Journal of Hypertension

Risk Stratification by Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Across JNC Classes of Conventional Blood Pressure

Brguljan-Hitij J ; Thijs L ; Li Y ; Hansen TW ; Boggia J ; Liu YP ; Asayama K ; Wei FF ; Bjorklund-Bodegard K ; Gu YM ; Ohkubo T ; Jeppesen J ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Dolan E ; Kuznetsova T 2014
American Journal of Hypertension

How Many Measurements Are Needed to Estimate Blood Pressure Variability Without Loss of Prognostic Information?

Mena LJ ; Maestre GE ; Hansen TW ; Thijs L ; Liu YP ; Boggia J ; Li Y ; Kikuya M ; Bjorklund-Bodegard K ; Ohkubo T ; Jeppesen J ; Torp-Pedersen C ; Dolan E ; Kuznetsova T ; Stolarz-Skrzypek K 2014
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism

Effects of PYY3-36 and GLP-1 on energy intake, energy expenditure, and appetite in overweight men

Schmidt JB ; Gregersen NT ; Pedersen SD ; Arentoft JL ; Ritz C ; Schwartz TW ; Holst JJ ; Astrup A ; Sjodin A 2014
American Scientist

How to Fight Back Against Antibiotic Resistance

Dantas G ; Sommer MOA 2014
Amino Acids

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are cross-sectionally associated with insulin secretion in healthy subjects

Forbes JM ; Sourris KC ; de Courten MPJ ; Dougherty SL ; Chand V ; Lyons JG ; Bertovic D ; Coughlan MT ; Schlaich MP ; Soldatos G ; Cooper ME ; Straznicky NE ; Kingwell BA ; de Courten B 2014
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

A new high-throughput LC-MS method for the analysis of complex fructan mixtures

Verspreet J ; Hansen AH ; Dornez E ; Courtin CM ; Harrison SJ 2014