Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Novo Nordisk, discusses the importance of scientific partnerships and collaborations to fulfil Novo Nordisk's mission to develop innovative therapeutic proteins for chronic illnesses.

R&D partnering vision

Our vision is to drive innovation through healthy and productive alliances. We have the skills and experience within drug and device development to turn your ideas into treatment solutions for patients. We leverage our protein expertise to develop life-changing treatments for people living with chronic diseases.

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Novo Nordisk has been a leader in diabetes care since 1923 and continues to pioneer the development of novel treatments for this serious condition. We are constantly striving to improve the lives of people with diabetes by finding better methods of diabetes treatment and prevention.

Our focus within diabetes


Our ambition is to change possibilities for people with haemophilia. Every step of our journey is focused on improving treatment options, providing better access to care and following through on our commitment to understand the needs of people with haemophilia.

Our focus within haemophilia

Protein delivery

In 1985, Novo Nordisk introduced the world’s first insulin pen. Since then, we have made extensive efforts in R&D of new delivery systems to help people with chronic diseases manage their treatment.

Our partnering focus within protein delivery

Growth disorders

Novo Nordisk has been a major player in the field of growth hormone therapy for many decades. We keep exploring new modalities to treat human growth hormone disorders.

Our focus within growth disorders

Meet us at partnering events around the world

We are attending international events throughout the year to meet with new potential partners. Take a look at our event calendar to see when and where we will be this year.

Where to meet us

Our teams

Strategic Sourcing in Diabetes & Obesity is focusing on opportunities in diabetes, protein technologies and protein delivery devices.  

Biopharmaceuticals Innovation Sourcing is focusing on opportunities in haemophilia and growth disorders.

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