Meet our scientists

Working towards the next treatment breakthrough

Our researchers are working to apply scientific breakthroughs to the design and development of new treatments. Their focus is on the unmet medical care needs of people living with diabetes, haemophilia and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Right now, our pipeline includes the industry's broadest portfolio of diabetes and haemophilia research and development projects.

We are restricted in what we can communicate about our current projects. However, we have developed four portrait films to give you a chance to hear what is on the minds and in the hearts of the some of the researchers behind our pipeline of future treatments and devices.


Engineering proteins is like putting pearls on a string 

Vice President of Diabetes Protein & Peptide Chemistry, Jesper Lau talks about the scientific journey that he takes every day in designing new protein peptides.

Searching for the 'holy grail' in insulin treatment 

Scientific Director of Diabetes Biology, Erica Nishimura, shows us how she takes ‘little steps every day…’ towards the next scientific breakthrough in diabetes care.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Senior scientist in haemophilia, Stine Louise Reedtz-Runge, talks about the company’s search for novel solutions in haemophilia treatment

Designing for life

Advanced Engineer Kristoffer Aagaard Eriksen shows us how he builds an understanding of a patient’s practical needs into every delivery device he makes.

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