Novo Nordisk has for the past 90 years pioneered therapeutic proteins to address unmet medical needs. Today, more than 6,000 employees work with R&D across the globe.

Watch the video 'Our passion for proteins' portraying how creating life changing treatments is almost like playing in a highly successful band with a unique and engaged cross-disciplinary collaboration that make people listen.

Passionate about proteins

Novo Nordisk is a protein-based, focused healthcare company where R&D is about being committed to not only engineering proteins into safe and effective therapies, but also developing new and improved delivery systems for people relying on our products.

R&D Partnering

We are seeking partnerships in science and innovation to help us improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases. Our areas of interest are:

Protein delivery devices
Growth disorders

R&D Pipeline

We are researching and developing new treatments for people living with chronic diseases within:

Diabetes pipeline
Haemophilia pipeline
Other therapies


Novo Nordisk is committed to engineering proteins into safe and effective therapies in a bioethical manner.

To this end, the company has developed position statements on bioethical issues in all key areas involving research on people and animals and the use of gene technology and stem cells. These position statements inform how we conduct R&D activities and are integrated into our standard operating procedures.

Novo Nordisk also takes an active role in advancing the field of bioethics in public forums. This is further reflected in the fact that we revisit our position statements periodically to ensure that they reflect new and relevant developments in the industry and changes in societal expectations.

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Our growth is your opportunity

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Clinical trials at Novo Nordisk

Search through all clinical trial results from Novo Nordisk sponsored phase 1-4 trials and observational studies. Clinical trials are an important step in the research and development process to make new medications available.

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Seize the opportunity to play a role in bringing innovation to the marketplace in a way that makes a real difference to both patients and society.

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