Research and development videos

Here, we share our views on key topics in research and development (R&D) such as the importance of science driven by unmet patient needs, fostering innovation through  scientific collaborations, the need to attract the best minds, while leveraging our unique set of protein competencies in order to bring new treatments to people living with chronic diseases.

Our passion for proteins

'Our passion for proteins' portrays how creating diabetes treatment is almost like playing in a highly successful band with a unique, engaged and competent cross-disciplinary collaboration that make people listen.

Talent Novo Nordisk

Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Novo Nordisk, talks about the need to attract the best scientific talent from around the world in order to keep providing innovative treatment solutions for people with chronic diseases.

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The challenges of developing insulin in a tablet


Peter Kurtzhals explains about the different types of diabetes and what kind of medicine the different patients can use. We hear about how people with diabetes have to try to control their blood sugar levels. It is difficult for patients to get started on injecting themselves with insulin, as they currently have to. Therefore an insulin tablet would be a big help for the patients. Peter Kurtzhals explains what is being done to develop such a tablet and what the challenges are.

Adjust treatments to people and not people to treatments

Alan Moses, Global Chief Medical Officer at Novo Nordisk, explains why we should continue to develop products that fit into the lifestyle of people living with diabetes rather than trying to fit life around the diabetes treatment.

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