Device R&D

Design that allows people with chronic conditions to live the life they want to live

Our mission in Device R&D is to design delivery systems that enable people with chronic conditions to live the life they want to live. We develop our devices in close collaboration with Novo Nordisk's scientific discovery teams in order to ensure that they work optimally with our therapeutic protein compounds.

We collaborate closely with patient groups and health care providers around the world to gain better insight into how people use our products and the challenges they face daily in managing their chronic conditions. This insight informs our device engineering activities and keeps us focused on finding solutions that address the daily treatment issues faced by people living with diabetes, haemophilia, growth disorders and inflammation.

Our innovation legacy supports future developments

Novo Nordisk is a world leader in combining protein research with the development of new delivery systems. In 1985, we launched the pioneering NovoPen® insulin pen device, which was an immediate success. The NovoPen® set a new standard in safe, reliable and effective protein delivery in a subtle and discreet device. The latest edition to this durable pen device platform is NovoPen®5 with memory, which has been recognised as adding an additional interactive element that offers people with diabetes the highest degree of safety and self-confidence. FlexTouch® is the latest prefilled delivery system from Novo Nordisk, which has been designed to address patient needs focusing on ease and accuracy of dosing.

Through the years, Novo Nordisk has developed more than 20 injection systems including durable, pre-filled and cartridges, serving as a rich experience base upon which to build further innovations for all our focus therapy areas.

Hear what motivates device engineers at Novo Nordisk

Patient-centred design

Our leadership in user-friendly delivery systems continues as we explore new concepts for protein delivery. An array of innovative successors is in place for currently available products. Novo Nordisk is responsive to new user preferences and market dynamics. Furthermore, we pursue exploratory research into new forms of protein delivery that will further address user convenience issues in order to enhance the safe and effective use of our products and, thereby, improve the likelihood of better therapeutic outcomes.


Device R&D partners with patients

In Device R&D at Novo Nordisk, we collaborate closely with patients and healthcare providers to invent delivery systems that fit conveniently into people’s lives. One recent example of this way of working can be seen in the new