There are some simple rules to keep in mind when drinking alcohol.  Remember - if you consume alcohol and are on insulin or diabetes pills, you may experience low blood glucose or hypoglycaemia.

Sensible use of alcohol
You should discuss the consumption of alcohol with your physician and dietician. If you need to lose weight, remember alcohol is high in calories.


  • Always have food with alcohol
  • Consume alcohol only when your diabetes is well-controlled
  • Drink in moderation (less than 2 standard drinks) and sip slowly
  • Avoid sweetened mixes, sweet wines, liqueurs and wine coolers
  • Choose sugar-free pop, club soda, or water for a mix. Remember unsweetened juice still has natural sugars
  • If you do not take insulin, ask your dietician how to substitute the energy from alcohol for the energy from other foods
  • If you take insulin, do not substitute food with alcohol
  • Wear visible diabetes identification (e.g. a bracelet) for safety

Caution: Consuming alcohol while on an anti-diabetic agent or insulin may cause hypoglycaemia.