What causes a low blood sugar?

Hypos in people with diabetes can be caused by taking too much medication, missed or poorly timed meals, too little food, more exercise than usual, hot weather, too much alcohol, or any combination of these factors.

Today's intensified insulin treatment regimes, which help reduce the risk of long-term complications, are also linked to an increase in the frequency of severe and mild hypoglycaemic events.

If you feel the symptoms of a hypo coming on, ask yourself if you have missed a meal or perhaps taken an extra injection of insulin (it happens).

Hypos and diabetes medicine
Incorrect dosages of diabetic medicine can trigger a hypo

Hypos and diet
When people don't eat enough food or do not eat on time the result can be diminished glucose delivery.

Hypos and exercise
Intensive exercise can trigger a hypo.

Hypos and alcohol
Alcohol lowers glucose production, causing blood glucose to fall dangerously low

Hypos and pregnancy or breast feeding
Pregnancy and breast-feeding can diminish glucose levels.