After a hypo

(for mild and moderate hypos)

When your blood glucose is too low, it is important to raise it quickly. This can be done with a quick source of sugar like:

  • Apple or orange juice
  • Dextrose tables
  • Jam, syrup
  • Sugar cubes or honey
  • Candy (although chocolate works slower)
  • Sweet drinks like cola or lemonadeā€”but not diet drinks!

After consuming one of these quick sources of glucose, it is a good idea to eat a slower source of glucose like a biscuit or piece of bread so you get a longer lasting source of sugar.

You should also stop any physical activities at once, and tell someone what is happening!

When you start to feel better have a snack or meal to make sure your blood glucose does not start to fall again.

Call your doctor/nurse or emergency service.

When the patient wakes up, give them something to drink like juice and soft drinks to raise their blood sugar level and to avoid a relapse of severe hypoglycaemia.