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Most people that have tried NovoTwist® prefer NovoTwist® to the conventional thread needle NovoFine®. In two recent surveys from Novo Nordisk 126 people living with diabetes (62 in one survey and 64 in the other) were asked to test NovoTwist®.

Most people preferred the ‘just twist’ attachment of NovoTwist® compared with the ‘turn, turn, turn’ attachment of the conventional thread needle NovoFine®.

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What do people with diabetes think of NovoTwist®?

People who took part in a survey to test Next Generation FlexPen® and NovoTwist® were asked for their thoughts on this pen-needle combination to find out. Here are some of their answers.

If you were using Next Generation FlexPen®, which needle would be your first choice and why would you choose this needle?
If I had the choice I would prefer NovoTwist®. The handling is easy and quick.

Would you feel confident using NovoTwist® with Next Generation FlexPen® for everyday use?  
Yes, I would feel very confident.

How did the unique bayonet fixing of NovoTwist® compare with the conventional thread needle NovoFine®?
It seems easier to me. I like how simple and quick it is to use NovoTwist®

Does the appearance of the shorter thinner needle of NovoTwist® affect the way you think about it?  
Yes. I remember how scared I was at the beginning of my insulin therapy. I lost my anxiety when I did the first practical exercise with a diabetes specialist nurse. But if I had been shown this needle, then it might have helped too. 


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FlexPen and NovoTwist