NovoPen® Junior

User guide

1. Intro
2. Insert Penfill®
3. Suspension
4. Attach needle
5. Priming
6. Dial dose
7. Injection

Twist and pull off the cap to see the names of the various parts of NovoPen® Junior.
Move the mouse over the parts to see their names and learn more about them.
Pen cap - Protects insulin against light. Always keep the pen cap on your NovoPen® Junior when you are not using it in order to protect the insulin from light.
Residual scale - shows the approximate number of units left in the Penfill® cartridge.
Inspection window - for insulin suspension: to see if there is enough left to allow proper mixing.
Residual scale window - gives you a clear view to inspect the insulin.
Mechanical section - contains the injection mechanics and the dosage system.
Dosage indicator window - one plain number tells you how many units you have dialed.
Push button - press to inject your insulin.
Penfill® - your 3ml insulin cartridge from Novo Nordisk. You can use the entire range of 3ml Penfill® cartridges, both analogues and human insulins.
NovoFine® needles - choose between 8mm 30G needles or 6mm 31G needles - both using state-of-the-art Thin Wall technology.
Dosage selector - dial your dose in half-unit increments. The dosage selector has click-action for safe and easy dosing.

APROM ID# 1494. June 2010.