Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to questions that you may ask when you use your NovoPen® 5. Please click on each question to reveal the relevant answer.

If you have any health related questions connected with your use of NovoPen® 5, please contact your physician.

How does the NovoPen® 5 work?
Please consult the NovoPen® 5 User Guide that you received with your NovoPen® 5 and watch the instruction video
How do I read the dose memory display?
The number in the dose memory display is the number of units last injected. The segments around the edge show how many full hours have passed since your last injection. When a full hour has passed, one segment will be shown. Another segment will appear when another full hour has passed. Four tick marks are always visible, when the display is activated.
The memory display shows “- -” what does that mean?
The dose memory has not registered your last injection. Normally, the dose memory will start working again after your next injection. If not, contact your supplier.

You can still use your NovoPen® 5 for insulin delivery without using the dose memory.

Why do I need to test the insulin flow every time I need to take an injection?
Testing the insulin flow is important to get your full dose by checking that insulin gets through the needle.

You will

  • Remove any air bubbles in the insulin cartridge
  • Check if the needle is blocked
  • Remove any gap between the black piston rod and the orange piston

Testing the insulin flow is important to avoid the risk of under dosing.

How often should I test the insulin flow
It is important that you test the insulin flow every time you need to take an injection
How much insulin should I use for my insulin flow test?
You should test the insulin flow until insulin squirts from the needle tip. It is recommended to dial two units at a time and continue until you see the insulin squirt from the needle. This ensures that you will only waste a minimum of insulin.
How do I know when I have tested the insulin flow adequately?
The insulin flow test is completed when you see insulin squirt from the needle tip.
Why does no insulin appear at the needle tip, when I check the insulin flow?
1. You may need to repeat the insulin flow test several times until you see insulin squirt from the needle tip.

2. The needle may be blocked. Replace the needle and re-test the insulin flow.

Do not try to inject if no insulin appears. You may not receive any insulin, even though the dose counter may move.

When I inject, why does the dose button stop before the dose counter shows “0”?
If the dose button stops before the dose counter shows “0”, the needle may be blocked. Turn the dose counter back to “0” and replace the needle with a new one. Test the insulin flow and inject your full dose.
What should I do, if my pen has been dropped or knocked against a hard surface?
Check the insulin cartridge for damages, for example cracks. Replace the cartridge with a new one if necessary. As always you should remember to test the insulin flow before your injection.
Why can I not turn the dose button, when I try to select a dose?
1. You have not pulled the dose button out before turning it. Pull out the dose button and then dial it to select your dose.

2. The insulin cartridge is empty. Replace the insulin cartridge.

When I try to select a dose, why does the dose button stop before I have selected the number of units I want to inject?
1. You are trying to select more units than are left in the insulin cartridge. You can either split your dose between two insulin cartridges or you can inject the full dose with a new cartridge only.

2. You are trying to select a dose larger than 60 IU. If you need more than 60 IU, divide your dose into two injections.

If the pen is disassembled during use, what should I do?
Assemble the pen and test the insulin flow. You may need to do this several times before insulin appears at the needle tip.

When trying to detach the needle from the pen always hold the cartridge holder, as you may otherwise disassemble the pen.


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