Feel secure that NovoFine® Autocover® fits optimally with your insulin device

NovoFine® Autocover ® – the simple choice


NovoFine® Autocover® needles are part of your reliable, trusted Novo Nordisk insulin delivery system.

NovoFine® Autocover® needles fit all Novo Nordisk diabetes pens:

NovoFine® Autocover® needles fit all major insulin devices:

Liprolog® Pen
Huminsulin® Pen
Byetta® Pen
Autopen® Classic
Autopen® 24
Omnican® Pen 31
OptiPen® Pro1
BerliPen® Areo
BerliPen® Areo 2
BerliPen® 302
HumaPen® Luxura™
HumaPen® Luxura™ HD
HumaPen® MEMOIR™

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