NovoFine® is user-friendly

Thinner needles hurt less and cause less bleeding

  • Thinner needles cause less pain, bleeding and bruising.
  • NovoFine® needles are thin, ultra-sharp, electro-polished, silicone coated, and have a tapered point to improve comfort of injection.
  • Thinner NovoFine® needles (higher G) reduce pain from injections compared to thicker needles with higher diameter.

Most people with diabetes prefer shorter, thinner needles

  • NovoFine® 6mm and 8mm needles are thin and short, which may minimises needle-related anxiety.
  • When asked, most adults and children with diabetes prefer NovoFine® 6mm needles to longer 8mm or 12mm needles, even those injecting large insulin doses.
  • When asked, most people with diabetes preferred, and were more satisfied with, NovoFine® 32G needles than with thicker 31G needles.
  • Hear what those that have used NovoFine® have to say.

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