Questions and Answers

Why were NovoFine® needles designed?
Novo Nordisk is committed to introducing new solutions that can improve the lives of people living with diabetes. In response to input from patients and healthcare professionals, Novo Nordisk has produced a needle designed specifically to simplify the injection process and make injection more comfortable.
What features do NovoFine® needles offer?
NovoFine® needles incorporate Superflow™ technology which makes injection quicker and easier, reducing the effort needed to inject insulin. The improved insulin flow provided by Superflow™ technology  potentially reduces the time to administer a dose of insulin. The Superflow™  technology that goes into construction of the needles improves the flow of insulin, for quicker and easier injections.
What features of NovoFine® make injections less painful?
NovoFine® needles are thin, ultra-sharp, electro-polished, silicone coated and have a tapered point to improve the comfort of injection. Thinner needles (higher G) cause less pain compared with thicker needles (lower G) and Novo Nordisk continuously strives to offer the world’s thinnest needles.
Who should use NovoFine®?
NovoFine® is a simple-to-use, screw-on needle with a safety cap. NovoFine® needles are suitable for all ages and all weights. The weight and age of the individual and the site of injection affect the injection technique.
What are the sizes of NovoFine® needles?
NovoFine® needles are available as 6 mm 32 gauge tip, 6 mm 31 gauge, and 8 mm 30 gauge.
When should the 6 mm NovoFine® be used, and when should the 8 mm NovoFine® be used?
NovoFine® needles reliably deliver insulin in adults, children, and obese patients. They can be used to inject into the thigh or abdomen.

NovoFine® 6 mm needles used with a lifted skin-fold and a 90° injection angle result in close to a 100% rate of subcutaneous deposition in both obese and normal weight adults.

NovoFine® 8 mm needles can be used for persons presently using 8 mm needles without clinical indication that they would benefit from a shorter needle length or in individuals who prefer longer needles for their insulin injections.

NovoFine® can be used for persons presently using 12 mm needles without clinical indication that they would benefit from a shorter needle length.
How sure am I to get a proper injection when I use a NovoFine® needle?
Insulin injection should be targeted at the subcutaneous skin layer to get predictable and reproducible insulin absorption. Since the thickness of the skin varies between 1-4 mm around the body, a 6 mm needle with a 45 degree angle of insertion for children and a 90 degree injection angle for adults (recommended without skin fold if injecting into abdomen, with lifted skin fold for all other injection sites) is ideal for proper insulin injection.

Direct comparison of shorter needles with longer needles among people with diabetes showed that both shorter and longer needles were effective and there was no difference with respect to metabolic control, comfort of injection or in preference for the two types of needles.
Can NovoFine® needles be re-used?
NovoFine® needles are sterile and for single use only. Sterility is guaranteed if the needle seal is unbroken. NovoFine® needles should be used only once and disposed of in a sharps box. Re-use can lead to needle breakage and can cause lipohypertrophy.
With which insulin pens are NovoFine® needles compatible?
NovoFine® needles are part of your reliable, trusted Novo Nordisk insulin delivery system.

NovoFine® needles are compatible with:

  • FlexTouch®
  • FlexPen®
  • NovoPen® 5
  • NovoPen® 4
  • NovoPen® 3
  • NovoPen Echo®
  • InnoLet®
  • NovoPen® Junior
  • Victoza® Pen  

NovoFine® needles also fit most commercially available insulin pen devices including:
  • BerliPen® 302
  • AutoPen® Classic
  • AutoPen® 24
  • Omnican® 31
  • Optipen® Pro 1
  • Ypsopen®
  • BerliPen® Areo
  • BerliPen® Areo 2
  • HumaPen Luxura®
  • HumaPen Luxura® HD
  • HumaPen® Memoir™
  • OptiClik®
  • TactiPen®
  • KwikPen®
  • OptiSet®
  • SoloStar®
  • Byetta® Pen

How do NovoFine® needles assist in my daily insulin injections?
Thinner needles cause less pain when injecting insulin. Superflow™ technology improves the flow of insulin, and short NovoFine® needles reduce the risk of intramuscular injections.All these features are designed to help you feel more secure in the reliable use of NovoFine® needles in everyday insulin injections.

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