Storage and handling

InnoLet® is a precision tool and should be handled with care. Avoid situations where your InnoLet® can be damaged.


You can clean your InnoLet® by wiping it with cotton wool moistened with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Do not soak InnoLet® with alcohol, wash or lubricate it, as this could damage the mechanism.

Things to remember

InnoLet® must only be used in the way described in the printed Instruction manual. Novo Nordisk will not be responsible for any problems you have with the equipment if you have not followed the printed Instruction manual.

Never try to repair a faulty InnoLet®.

Replacement of a faulty InnoLet®

If you find that InnoLet® is faulty, Novo Nordisk will replace it if:

  • You return the InnoLet® where you bought it within a year of getting it
  • You enclose any documents you were given when you got the InnoLet®
  • Novo Nordisk can inspect the InnoLet® and confirm that it is faulty

HQMMA/DV/1014/0059. November 2014.