Questions and answers

Why is InnoLet® not available in more attractive colours?

InnoLet® was developed to help people with difficulties, such as poor eyesight, to manage self-injection of insulin.

Easy readability is a key feature of InnoLet®, and this is best achieved by using large, black numbers on a white background.

I find InnoLet® too bulky to carry around - couldn't you make it smaller?

Another key feature of the InnoLet® is that it’s easy-to-use for people with impaired manual dexterity (i.e., people who have difficulty using their fingers to grip small objects). It has been specifically designed to fit well in the hand, with a large body to grip and a large dose-selector.

However, despite its special, ergonomic design, InnoLet® is still smaller and less cumbersome than many other traditional devices, like the vial and syringe.

HQMMA/DV/1014/0059. November 2014.