Product benefits

Simple to dial

  • InnoLet® has the largest numbers of any prefilled insulin device.
  • InnoLet® makes an audible click for each unit dialled.
  • The dose selector is turned clockwise to dial a dose, and can be turned anti-clockwise if the desired dose is passed.

Comfortable to inject

  • InnoLet® has a support shoulder that rests against the skin to guide the angle of injection.
  • The large push button is located right where the thumb rests, and it takes very little strength to inject.
  • InnoLet® is designed to be used with NovoFine® short, thin needles.

Easy to live with

  • InnoLet® fits conveniently into a shirt or trousers pocket.
  • InnoLet® requires fewer steps to inject than traditional vial and syringe systems.
  • InnoLet® has a self-contained compartment for storage of a NovoFine® needle before and after injection.
  • Once in use, InnoLet® requires no refrigeration, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • InnoLet® uses different, colour-coded push buttons for the different types of insulin available to ensure easy identification.

HQMMA/DV/1014/0059. November 2014.