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Next Generation FlexPen®

Why has Novo Nordisk introduced Next Generation FlexPen®?
Novo Nordisk is committed to continuously introducing new solutions that can improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Over the years, we have received input from patients, healthcare professionals, and authorities that has given us direction as to which features to improve on. Next Generation FlexPen® is a result of this feedback and dedicated R&D work.
Why are the distinct colours introduced on the fast and long-acting modern insulin Next Generation FlexPen® important?
There have been several incidents of patients who use more than one insulin to treat their diabetes or have taken the wrong insulin. By making the colours on the insulin pens more distinct such mix-ups will hopefully be avoided.
Why has a coloured cartridge for mixed insulins not been introduced?
A coloured cartridge has not been implemented on any mixed insulin FlexPen® since patients and healthcare professionals need to be able to easily see that they have mixed the insulin correctly. This is easiest to do through a clear cartridge
Do conventional needles fit Next Generation FlexPen®?
Yes, any conventional needle fits Next Generation FlexPen®.

Using FlexPen®

How does FlexPen® work?
FlexPen® has a very simple, single-step dose setting. The dose selector of FlexPen® is large and clear for confident dose setting and precise dose adjustment. Dose setting is in 1 unit increments up to a maximum of 60 units per injection. Dose correction is easy: simply dial back to the correct dose, without loss of insulin. For a step-by-step demonstration, please watch the Quick Guide.
Why is an air shot needed?
Air bubbles may collect inside the insulin cartridge. To avoid air taking the place of insulin when injecting insulin and thereby ensure you receive all the insulin you need, an air shot is recommended.
Must FlexPen® be reset before dialling each dose?
No, the dose selector of FlexPen® returns to zero during injection, so FlexPen® is always ready to use.
How can I see if the dose dialled has been delivered?
The dose selector of FlexPen® returns to zero during injection to allow visual confirmation of dose delivery.
How can I check if FlexPen® can deliver the full dose dialled?
FlexPen® has an end of content feature, which makes it impossible to dial a dose larger than what remains in the pen.
Why is the last mark indicated on the cartridge 12U while all the other marks are at 50U intervals?
With mixed insulin types, it is important that the patient mixes the insulin properly. To allow for even mixing, a minimum of 12U is needed. As a safety measure, if there is less than 12U left in FlexPen® with mixed insulin, a dose cannot be dialled. Even though this is only relevant for mixed insulin FlexPen®, the 12U mark has been implemented on all insulins in order not to complicate the production.

FlexPen® & needles

Which needles do I use with FlexPen®?
The following NovoTwist® or NovoFine® needles are designed to be used with Next Generation FlexPen®.

NovoTwist® 32G Tip, 5 mm

NovoTwist® 32G Tip, 8 mm

NovoFine® 32G Tip etw, 6 mm

NovoFine® 32G Tip tw, 6 mm

NovoFine® 31G, 6 mm

NovoFine® 30G, 6 mm

NovoFine® 30G, 8 mm

Visit the NovoFine® and NovoTwist® sections for more information.
Can needles be left on FlexPen® after usage?
The needle should be removed and disposed of after each injection. Temperature changes and tough shaking of FlexPen® can cause insulin to leak through the needle if a needle is left on between injections.

FlexPen® & the Environment

What is FlexPen® made of?
FlexPen® is made two widely-used plastics. One FlexPen® contains 16g of plastic.
Does FlexPen® pollute?
The production and distribution of FlexPen® requires energy. Seen over the entire life cycle of FlexPen®, the energy consumption when using one FlexPen® per week for a year corresponds to driving 45 km in a standard car (based on EU numbers).

Storage & Travel

What are the storage requirements for pharmacy and patient?
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Store in a refrigerator (2°C – 8°C), away from the freezing compartment. Do not freeze.

Once FlexPen® is in use or carried as a spare, there is no requirement for refrigeration. However, do not store above 30°C.

In order to protect from light, keep the cap on when FlexPen® is not in use.

Do not use FlexPen® after the expiry date stated on the label/carton.
What do I do with my spare FlexPen® when flying?
We recommend that you bring all your FlexPen® devices with you in your hand luggage since there is a high risk that your FlexPen® will freeze in the cargo hold of the plane.

Disposing of FlexPen®

How do I dispose of the empty FlexPen®?
Always consult your local regulation regarding the available options for prefilled device disposal. In general, FlexPen® can be disposed of as household waste provided that the needle has been removed. The used device can then be incinerated releasing only CO2 and water. Land-filling of a disposed FlexPen® will not harm the environment beyond the actual use of land, because no chemicals will be released.

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See the Quick Guide and learn how easy it is to use FlexPen®