Q&A for FlexTouch®

What is FlexTouch®?
FlexTouch® is the latest innovation in prefilled devices from Novo Nordisk. It is a prefilled insulin pen with many user-friendly features designed to improve the experience of performing daily injections
Why is Novo Nordisk introducing FlexTouch®?
Novo Nordisk is committed to continuously introducing new solutions that can improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Over the years, we have received input from patients, healthcare professionals, and authorities that has given us direction on which features to improve on. FlexTouch® is a result of this feedback and dedicated R&D work.
Why are we replacing FlexPen® given it is the most popular device?
  • FlexPen® has been on the market for 10 years. It is time that Novo Nordisk brings innovation to prefilled insulin pens and launches a new device.
  • FlexPen® is still considered a very good device and will continue to be the prefilled insulin pen of choice for basal and mixed insulin.
Does FlexTouch® contain new technology compared to FlexPen®?
  • FlexTouch® is the first prefilled insulin pen with a unique spring-loaded dosing mechanism.
  • All current conventional prefilled injection pens have a significant push-button extension, which gets progressively longer as the dose increases to the maximum dose.
  • The new unique spring-loaded dosing mechanism of FlexTouch® ensures that the push-button does not extend at any dose and thereby makes the push-button easier to reach and depress.

For a step-by-step demonstration, please watch this Quick Guide.

How does the new spring-loaded mechanism work?
  • When the user dials the dose, the spring is wound tighter inside the pen. The spring is therefore absorbing the force that would normally be created by the users thumb.
  • When a user touches the dose button the force in the spring is released. In order to deliver the full dose the user must keep their finger/thumb on the button until the dose dial returns to zero. The patients may feel or hear a click.
  • The user is able to stop the injection at any time throughout the dose delivery by lifting their finger/thumb from the button. FlexTouch® is therefore not an automatic pen.
What is meant by “easy touch button”?
Due to the built-in spring injection mechanism means the “easy touch button” on FlexTouch® only requires a light touch to deliver the insulin irrespective of the dose.
Is FlexTouch® faster to inject with than FlexPen®?
Current pens do not have a constant speed as the injection speed is directly influenced on how hard the user presses the button. This can be highly variable (size of dose, pain, comfort, carefulness etc.) and different for each user. Therefore, this question is not relevant as you would be comparing two completely different injection systems.
What is the maximum dose of FlexTouch®?
The maximum dose that can be delivered in one injection by FlexTouch® is 80 Units.
What is meant by “end-of-dose” click?
When the dose button returns to zero and the figure 0 lines up with the pointer, you may hear or feel an end-of-dose click. After the display has returned to zero, leave the needle under the skin for at least 6 seconds to make sure that you get your full dose.
What is meant by “colour coding for easy insulin identification”?
FlexTouch® follows similar colour coding to that of FlexPen® - differentiating features of the pen include colour-coded label, packaging, dose button, and cartridge holder.
What is meant by “audible sound for distinguishing dialling doses up and down”?
  • When dialling a dose upwards or forwards on FlexTouch® a different sound is heard to when you dial the dose backwards. This is due to the inner mechanics of FlexTouch® and is related to the spring mechanism.
  • The two distinct noises can be easily differentiated by a user and therefore provide another feature to assist patients in using FlexTouch®.
How can I check if FlexTouch® can deliver the full dose dialled?
FlexTouch® has an end of content feature, which makes it impossible to dial a dose larger than what remains in the pen.
Must FlexTouch® be reset before dialling each dose?
No, the dose scale of FlexTouch® returns to zero during injection, so FlexTouch® is always ready to use.
Why is an air shot needed?
An air shot is needed to make sure that you receive your full dose. Therefore always checking the insulin flow before you select and inject your dose.

FlexTouch® & Needles

What needles can FlexTouch® be used with?
  • FlexTouch® is compatible with NovoTwist® and regular NovoFine® needles as well as all “screw-fit” needles.
  • Visit the NovoFine® and NovoTwist® homepages for more information.
Can needles be left on FlexTouch® after usage?
Always use a new needle for each injection as this will prevent contamination and blocked needles.

Storage & Travel

What are the storage requirements?
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
  • FlexTouch® that is not being used is to be stored in the refrigerator at 2°C - 8°C, away from the cooling element. Do not freeze.
  • Once FlexTouch® is in use please refer to the IFU for how to store FlexTouch®.
  • In order to protect from light, keep the cap on when FlexTouch® is not in use.
  • Do not use FlexTouch® after the expiry date stated on the label/carton.

FlexTouch® & the Environment

What is the environmental impact of using FlexTouch®?
FlexTouch® has been designed to have as little an environmental footprint as possible. For example, the energy consumed in order to enable use of one FlexTouch® per week for a year is roughly the same, as the energy used by driving about 77 km in a standard family car. The annual impact amounts to less than 0.25% of the annual contribution of waste of an average EU citizen.
How do you dispose of FlexTouch®?
Please refer to local guidelines and your HCP with respect to disposal of medical waste. All packaging material can be recycled or incinerated with energy recovery.

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