Insulin basics

When you live with diabetes, it sometimes seems like nothing stays the same. By changing your treatment at the right times, you give yourself the opportunity to stay healthy.

How Insulin Works

Take Charge with Insulin
Over time, as your body produces less and less insulin, your need for medications will change. Tablets and pills can help at first, but most people with type 2 diabetes will eventually need to add insulin.

Sometimes doctors use insulin as a threat to motivate patients to make changes in food choices and activity levels. But being prescribed insulin doesn't mean that you are getting sicker. It just means that your body needs more help to keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range - and that you're doctor is trying to keep you healthy.

Worried about Insulin?
If you are worried about starting insulin therapy, openly discuss your concerns with someone from your diabetes care team. This can really help.2 Your diabetes care team is there to answer all of your questions - none of your questions are silly and having your questions answered will make you feel better.
Remember, the best insulin choice is one that manages your blood sugar and also fits into your life. Work with your diabetes care team to create an insulin plan that's right for you.

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