Advanced insulin understandings

If insulin were given in tablet form, the stomach would break it down and the insulin would never reach the bloodstream - where it's needed.

Why Insulin Doesn't Come in a Pill

Do Insulin Injections Hurt?
Insulin needles are very tiny and short so that they inject into the skin rather into the muscle. It doesn't take much pressure to inject insulin into the skin, so taking insulin is less painful than most people imagine.

Modern needles can be as short as 6 mm. This short length keeps them from:

  • Going deep into the tissue where you normally sense pain
    Causing damage
  • People who use modern needles experience less pain than with traditional needles. Plus, there is usually no bleeding using modern needles.

Does Insulin Cause Weight Gain?
People who start insulin often put on weight,2 but the amount of weight gain differs from person to person.3 Some people don't put on any weight at all.

Weight Gain and Insulin
When you don't have enough insulin, extra blood sugar is removed from your body through your urine. Taking insulin helps your body to naturally store the extra sugar as fat, so you might put on weight even if you are eating the same amount of food as you did before. This is why it's important to stay active.
Another reason some people gain weight is that they snack more to avoid low blood sugar levels.

Avoiding Weight Gain with Insulin
Heare are some tips for minimizing weight gain:

  • Eat healthy
  • Be active
  • Monitor your weight and adjust your eating and exercise
  • Monitor your blood sugar so that you don't have to snack

Never skip an injection. Skipping your insulin won't help you lose weight, and it could cause you to have high blood glucose levels. And, don't try to adjust the dose of insulin on your own. Always talk to your diabetes care team if you have any concerns about your insulin does.

How Should I Store Insulin?


  • Store insulin you're not using in the refrigerator
  • Keep spare insulin in a cooler bag if you are travelling


  • Freeze your insulin
  • Keep your insulin in direct sunlight
  • Keep your insulin in a hot place
  • Use insulin that is lumpy
  • Use insulin after the expiration date