The Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme (PMP)

Are you a medical doctor looking for a challenging career path in a pharmaceutical company? Would you like to be part of highly qualified and ambitious teams in a global setting? Then this is your unique opportunity to apply for a position with 3 job rotations where you can use your medical and scientific knowledge in an inspiring way to create better treatments and care for our patients.

Offering a broad introduction to the pharmaceutical industry, the PMP aims to develop medical doctors, who have 2-5 years of clinical experience, within various functions where strong medical competencies are needed.

The PMP is a two-year programme with four participants accepted onto the programme each year. Applications are welcomed from February 2015 to 22 March 2015, with the programme starting in September same year. After successful completion of the programme participants are offered a permanent position within the company. The programme has been the springboard for many medical doctors’ progression to key positions within Novo Nordisk around the world. With a focus on both personal and professional development, and the knowledge and experience you will gain during the time you spend working in three different functions within the company, the PMP could be your first step towards a life-changing career.

The opportunity the PMP presents to get hands on experience in different areas of a pharmaceutical company is in my opinion unparalleled. It provides unique insights for the benefit of both the candidate and Novo Nordisk.
Henrik Jarlov, PMP 1st rotation, Safety Surveillance Diabetes

Professional and personal skills 

The PMP offers medical doctors the opportunity to develop both professional and personal skills. With a detailed individual development plan, you will set goals for your own development and career within Novo Nordisk over the two years it takes to complete the programme.

Making a difference

Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and the world leader in diabetes care. We spend a large percentage of our annual turnover on research and development (R&D), which is one of the reasons why our diabetes product pipeline is second to none.

The PMP programme is the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the pharmaceutical industry. The friendship and support within the PMP group provides an excellent “base” for exploration, and the strong focus on personal and professional development provides a great stepping stone for a career within Novo Nordisk.
Cecilie Heerdegen Jepsen, 1st rotation, Global development

Programme scope

The two-year Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme consists of three eight-month rotations in different functions within the organisation: Global Development, Global Medical Affairs and Global Safety.

The exact rotation sequence is determined individually for each participant.

The Three Rotations

The programme is structured around three main activities within the development of new drugs.

Example of a Weekly Schedule

Below you can see examples of a weekly schedule within the three departments. Please be aware that this only presents some of the tasks and responsibilities that the MD takes part in.

Department: Global Medical Affairs


  • PMP department meeting
  • Review abstracts for congress
  • Meeting to prepare meta-analysis manuscript for submission
  • Presentation for Finnish doctors at the Novo Nordisk conference centre (Hvidøre)

Department: Global Development


  • Protocol review
  • Preparation of trial outline
  • Study group meeting (medical specialist, trial manager, statistician)
  • Meeting with Clinical Supplies – update on placebo tables

Department: Global Safety


  • Global Safety product team meeting
  • Preparation of Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) assessment report, in response to European Medicines Agency’s request
  • Preparation of monthly safety surveillance reports
  • Study group meeting (medical specialist, trial manager, global medical adviser, safety surveillance adviser, statistician, etc.)

Recruitment process: Who can apply?

In order to qualify for the PMP, you must hold a university degree as a medical doctor. You should have passed post-graduate internship and have upto 5 years of clinical experience.

Embark on a life-changing career

Our Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme has proven to be the perfect springboard to fulfilling, life-changing careers.

The opportunities created due to the job rotations in our international environment provide you with a rapid growth in experience, the creation of huge networks across the organisation and an increased level of exposure to top management.

Your career after the PMP

Meet members of the different PMP teams and get a feeling of their career paths.

Find answers to your questions

Would my clinical experience have to be within certain areas?
No, all clinical experience is accepted. However, it is an advantage with knowledge within endocrinology, cardiology and gastroenterology.

Will I use my clinical knowledge?
Yes. Working with the medical tasks in global development, global safety and global medical affairs you will use your clinical knowledge

Is it a prerequisite to be a medical doctor in order to apply?
Yes, being a medical doctor is a prerequisite. The programme is designed specifically for medical doctors with no prior industry experience.

About PMP

With three rotations over two years, the PMP offers medical doctors a spring board to a life-changing career.

Talent Sourcing
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