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International Operations Finance

International finance careers for Russians and Turks
The International Operations Finance Graduate Programme provides a springboard for a life-changing career and a unique chance to bring your knowledge, skills and talent to life in a global business environment. This specific program is targeted local candidates. Right now we offer positions in Russian and Turkey. If you are a resident of another country, please see the Global Finance Programme and the European Finance Programme, which are both targeted at a global audience.

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Additional information about Region International Operations

Launch your career with International Operations
Novo Nordisk’s International Operations encompasses markets outside North America, Europe, Japan, Korea and China. The region represents a large portion of the GDP growth in the world today; however the growth is very unevenly distributed, with countries like Turkey, India, Argentina, Brazil, Algeria and Russia being some of the main growth drivers of this development.

Business Area Near East (BANE)

Based in Istanbul, Turkey
Novo Nordisk’s Business Area Near East office represents one of our most dynamic business areas with unlimited growth opportunity. The countries represented in BANE include Turkey, Israel & Palestine territories, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Would you like to be part of the company’s growth engine and live the future today?

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Business Area Commonwealth of Independent States (BACIS)

Based in Moscow, Russia
BACIS is a vast region that includes eleven countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States plus Georgia and Mongolia. It counts 4 affiliate offices in Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine with the regional office in Moscow (Russia). The construction of local manufacturing facilities for modern insulin was started in 2012 in Russia.

Development opportunities

As an International Operations Finance graduate, you will face diverse challenges, practical on the job training and will be required to acquire a solid business understanding.

Scope of the programme

The International Operations Finance Graduate programme consists of three rotations of 8-months, with each period enhancing your business understanding and financial skills.

Learning journey through 3 rotations

The flow and content of your job rotations are shaped individually to fit both your skills and development opportunities and at the same time to meet our business needs and focus areas.

Who you are

To join the International Operations Finance graduate programme you must hold a master's degree in a relevant subject, for example within finance, economics or business administration.

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