Regulatory Affairs

Global Development

Product Supply, HQ, Denmark

Product Supply, US

Product Supply, France

Product Supply, China

Product Supply, Brazil

Global Finance

EU Finance

Finance, Egypt & Phillippines

Global Procurement

Business IT

Global Business Processes

EU Business Management

Global Marketing

Intl. Operations Business

Business US or China

HR, India

Novo Nordisk is the world's 9th biggest pharmaceutical company. We employ more than 40,000 people and experience double digit growth in sales. Join us! Get the chance to use your recently-acquired master's degree and help change the lives of people with diabetes. Read the graduate programme introduction, check out the 16 programmes, read blogs and apply.

8 Feb 2015

Apply for graduate jobs at each of the different programme presentations. Apply now and no later than 8 Feb 2015 - except 1 Feb 2015 for Intl. Opr. Business and Intl. Opr. Finance.