Graduate blogging team 2012/2013

The graduate blog offers a unique chance to get a feeling of how it really is to be a graduate at Novo Nordisk. There are a lots of useful posts covering the many aspects of graduate life. Start by reading below posts, which has been the most displayed. Read the lastest posts here.

A bad day at the office

What has surprised be the most

Video: Life after the graduate programme

A poem about Denmark

Next steps in the graduate recruitment process – Key tips for success

Graduate blogging team 2011/2012

Is the graduate programme the right choice for everyone?
By Adam

My first three months as a graduate - what have I done so far?
By Sona

Why and how to join the graduate programme
by Max

Graduate blogging team 2010/2011

Applying for the graduate programme - part 1 is this my career path?
By Helga

How to make a good application
by Sigga

A poem about Denmark
by Megan