Our vision

To find a cure for diabetes and its complications

To identify new opportunities for treatment of diabetes

Establish HRI as a world-class early applied research centre

Our mission

Feed Novo Nordisk pipeline with pre-projects driven by early applied research

Continue to remain world class by participation in scientific networks through research collaboration with top scientists and institutions

Development of new talents to support Novo Nordisk’s goal to treat and cure diabetes

Regine Bergholdt, DMSc

Project Leader, Diabetes Inflammation Department, employed since January 2009

“At HRI you’re part of an inspiring and motivating scientific environment. That, I felt already as a medical student at Steno Diabetes Center, where I spent one very inspiring year. After finishing my MD and working as a doctor at different hospitals, I decided to return in 1998 and continue my career within Novo Nordisk.

I initially worked as a doctor in the diabetes clinic and then continued with research in type 1 diabetes and functional genomics at Steno Diabetes Center. After finishing my doctoral thesis I continued as Project Leader at HRI and have now joined the Diabetes Inflammation department. As Project Leader I work with both internal and external collaborators. As part of a research group it’s my responsibility to plan projects, read scientific literature and write papers and applications. I enjoy the teamwork and the team spirit in the research group that I’m a part of. It’s exiting and challenging to plan and perform the scientific projects and to get the group to work together towards a common goal.

My career within Novo Nordisk and at HRI is and always has been challenging and diverse and it’s motivating to work with research that might make a difference to people with diabetes.”



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