Our vision

To find a cure for diabetes and its complications

To identify new opportunities for treatment of diabetes

Establish HRI as a world-class early applied research centre

Our mission

Feed Novo Nordisk pipeline with pre-projects driven by early applied research

Continue to remain world class by participation in scientific networks through research collaboration with top scientists and institutions

Development of new talents to support Novo Nordisk’s goal to treat and cure diabetes

Merete Lund Lafon, MSc

Ph.D. Student, Beta Cell Regeneration Department, employed since August 2008

“The road from idea to patient is long but in the end it’s a very satisfying feeling knowing that the knowledge that I contribute with might one day lead to a treatment for diabetes. I strongly believe that stem cell therapy and beta-cell regeneration are tomorrows cure for diabetes. The feeling of making a difference is what drives me in my work.

This is my second time as a student at HRI. I started as a master student and now I’m back again as a Ph.D. student. After getting my Ph.D. degree, I hope to get an academic position.

As Ph.D. Student I discover and try to understand the complex network of signals and transcription factors involved in the development of beta-cells. Science is fascinating! I get to plan experiments and analyse the data that will hopefully give me an answer to my hypothesis. It’s like finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.

As a student at HRI you have the possibility of making state-of-the-art science with the newest technology, methods and finest equipment. Right from the start you get treated well and given challenging and interesting projects. The best part is that you get a highly motivated supervisor and you get to be responsible for your own projects.

The commitment of the employees creates a certain spirit. This is not just a working place. As a new employee or student you will join a team of truly committed, ambitious and friendly colleagues with the common goal to defeat diabetes.”



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