What can HERO do for you?

Health care professionals


Exchange experiences and solutions
With this body of evidence, the community can further exchange experiences and solutions to the many shared challenges faced by people with haemophilia and their caregivers.

Support improvements in medical services
Through publications and presentation of the findings, it will be possible to engage in a productive conversation in the medical community about what can be done to provide care that encompasses the psychosocial needs of people with haemophilia.

Generate a strong platform for advocacy
The results from the survey will provide a strong platform for approaching governments and key decision makers to encourage action.

Improve understanding in society
Making the results available to the general public will help to eliminate prejudices towards patients and to create wider awareness of the disease.


Decrease social stigma
As society gains a deeper understanding of the disease, parents might feel increasingly comfortable about communicating their son’s disease to the environment.

Improve emotional understanding
The results of HERO may reveal to parents previously hidden aspects or feelings in their son’s life. Reflecting on these new insights will allow parents to better understand their child’s perspective and give them the desired assistance.

Health care professionals

Improve understanding of patients’ feelings and needs
Publishing the findings in medical journals will help health care professionals to enhance their understanding of the psychosocial aspects of haemophilia and incorporate new practices into the treatment of patients.

Increase satisfaction
By gaining a deeper understanding of the psychosocial aspects associated with haemophilia, health care professionals will be able to more effectively communicate with patients which is likely to also increase their job satisfaction.